Patients with Parkinson’s disease often advised to have sex

Пациентам с болезнью Паркинсона советуют чаще заниматься сексом

Sex can help to improve the health of patients with Parkinson’s disease, showed a study involving 355 volunteers.

“This is consistent with data showing a close relationship between sexual and overall health in healthy people and patients with chronic diseases,” says lead author Marina Picillo (Marina Picillo)from the University of Salerno.

Picillo and her colleagues came to the conclusion that the man in the early stages of the disease through sexual activity, have slow progression and less abrupt loss of motor skills. It is noteworthy that women have a less obvious effect is less.

In addition, the study authors pointed out that women have Parkinson’s symptoms different from men. However, they significantly affect neurodegenerative disease – uncontrollable tremors, trouble walking, dizziness, balance problems, slowness and other symptoms. From the disease treatment still does not exist.

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