Pavel appoints Hladík to the head of the MoE today, the day after taking office

Pavel appoints Hladík to the head of the MoE today, the day after taking office

Today, the day after taking office, Pavel appoints Hladiak to the head of the MŽP

Ministry of the Environment, building, headquarters – illustrative photo.

Prague – Today, the day after assuming the position of head of state, President Petr Pavel appoints Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL) as Minister of the Environment at 09:00. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) proposed Hladík's appointment at the end of last year, but previous president Miloš Zeman rejected it. Since the beginning of November, Deputy Prime Minister and Labor Minister Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) has been tasked with leading the ministry. An hour after the appointment, Fiala will induct the new minister.

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Lidovci proposed Hladík after Anna Hubáčková (for KDU-ČSL) announced last October that she would leave the government for health reasons. The KDU-ČSL stood by his nomination even after the police intervened in Hladík's office in the case of the allocation of city apartments in Brno. Fiala waited until the end of last year with the proposal in view of a possible shift in the case, but the police did not charge Hladík with anything.

In addition to the Brno case, Zeman also accused Hladík of insufficient education in the field of the environment. He was also bothered by the fact that he had published an advertisement in the party press looking for a deputy and other collaborators for his future team at the ministry, although he had not yet been appointed.

KDU-ČSL called Zeman's decision not to appoint Hladík unconstitutional. If there were more time left until the end of the president's mandate, the people would insist on a competence lawsuit. Instead, two months ago, Jurečka temporarily appointed Hladík as a deputy at the Ministry of the Interior.