PCU and NDP leaders vote early | Alberta Elections 2023

PCU and NDP leaders vote early | Alberta Elections 2023

PCU and NDP leaders take early polls | Alberta 2023 election

There is at least one advance polling station that will be open each day in each of Alberta's 87 ridings.

Danielle Smith, leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP), and Rachel Notley, leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), each cast their ballots in Calgary on Tuesday on the first day of advance voting which takes place from 23 to May 27.

After dropping off her ballot at the Central Library polling station, Rachel Notley pleaded for citizens to exercise their right to vote.

She insisted on the importance of this provincial election.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley cast an early vote May 23 at the Calgary Central Library.

We have a premier whose actions […] who break the law threaten the very foundation of our democracy,” the NDP leader said, adding that those were the very words used by the province's ethics commissioner.

For her part, Danielle Smith exercised her right to vote at the Elections Alberta office in the Haysboro neighborhood in southwest Calgary.

United Conservative Party leader Danielle Smith cast her ballot May 23, the first day of early voting.

The head of the PCU did not comment on Tuesday.

At the Haysboro Community Association building, voters thronged the doors to cast their ballots for the next provincial government they want to see lead Alberta.

Megan Engblom said Elections Alberta management made it easy for her to vote while avoiding the expected rush on election day, May 29.

We received a letter telling us where the polling stations were in the city. So it was very easy for us to plan our vote. In addition, all the employees at the polling station were very friendly, she said.

According to Megan Engblom, Monday's election is of great importance capital, an opinion shared by Claude Beaupré, another voter.

Claude Beaupré from Calgary voted at an advance poll and encourages Albertans to do the same.

I noticed that there there are more people lately getting involved in politics, says the Calgarian. The stakes become more intense [including] the climate, debts and pensions.

Claude Beaupré believes that it's not only easy to vote, but that it's #x27;this is an important task as a citizen.