People are massively leaving new York to avoid being infected with coronavirus

People are massively leaving new York to avoid being infected with coronavirus Author: Alina Dykman Coronavirus news new York news United States new York Люди массово уезжают из Нью-Йорка, чтобы не заразиться коронавирусом

People fleeing new York during a pandemic coronavirus, told yourself to put yourself on a 14-day quarantine, no matter where they were.

Dr. Deborah birx said at the briefing the task force on coronavirus at the White house on Tuesday evening that more than 60% of all new cases of coronavirus in the United States come from new York state, including long island and Westchester.

“We remain deeply concerned about the state of new York,” she said, adding that in the New York metro area the situation is much worse than in other areas of the state. Panicked residents massively leaving the Big Apple to wait out the peak of the pandemic elsewhere.

“Everyone who has left new York for the last few days may already be infected” – said Dr. birx.

Health officials now urge everyone who is leaving New York metro area, to go into quarantine for 14 days to stop the spread of a deadly virus.

According to Birks, the surge of new cases COVID-19 on long island suggests that the inhabitants of new York, fleeing from the Big Apple to their country houses, to spread the pandemic.

“It is therefore very important that these people have been quarantined in their homes over the next 14 days to ensure they don’t transmit the virus”, said Birks.

The new warning came after on Tuesday morning the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo said that the peak of coronavirus in the state, will be only 14-21 days.

Click to share the news USA.The ONEТрамп says that he wants the country “discovered” by Easter, despite the warnings of experts in connection with coronaviruses USA Donald trump said he would re-evaluate after the current 15-day quarantine in connection with the coronavirus. He expressed hope that the country will open for Easter.USA.The ONEПандемия coronavirus may cost US $7 trillion and lead to the unemployment of almost like during the great depressifrons Economics from Indiana stated that the coronavirus pandemic could cost US $7 trillion, and by June the level of unemployment in the country may be higher than at any time since the great depression.


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