People from Mars will communicate with Earth using lasers

Люди с Марса будут общаться с Землей с помощью лазеров

New technology is a much-needed upgrade for communication in deep space. NASA adds to its deep space network (DSN) is a new technology, is equipped with mirrors and special receiver, allowing you to radiate and make the lasers of the object at a far distance.

The new system, dubbed Deep Space Station-23 (DSS-23), is part of a transition to more rapid and effective communication, as NASA prepares to return to the moon by 2024 and to the first landing of men Mars in the mid 2030-ies. Lasers can help to ensure good reception of messages from the future Martian colonists 40 million km from Earth.

Construction of the 112-pound receiver began this week in Goldstone, California. It’s just one of the many antennas of the DSN is the total number in the system reaches 13. Two similar antennas are currently being built in Madrid, Spain.

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