People throughout the Czech Republic will remember the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine today

People throughout the Czech Republic will remember the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine today

People throughout the Czech Republic will commemorate the first year of the of Russia to Ukraine

Illustrative photo – Ukrainian soldiers next to the M-113 infantry transporter in Bakhmut on February 19, 2023.

Prague – Today, a number of events will take place throughout the Czech Republic to commemorate the fact that exactly one year ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine and started the still-unending military conflict. Some buildings, including the embassies of several countries, were already lit up at night in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, a year of war rage and support of the Ukrainian people will be remembered by politicians, Czechs and Ukrainians who have found asylum or a new home in the Czech Republic, as well as Russians who do not agree with the war.

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Already in the morning at 08:00, street art artist Chemis will present his work to the Chamber of Deputies, which will be unveiled on the balcony of the Smiřicky Palace overlooking Malostranské náměstí. Last March, Chemis created a mural in Prague's Nusle with the motif of a little girl hiding under the Ukrainian flag.

The Voice of Ukraine initiative, which is made up of Ukrainians living in Prague, still has several demonstrations not only in the capital, but also in Brno, Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice or Pilsen. In Prague, at 3:00 p.m., they will start a march from the Old Town Square past shops and signs that have not withdrawn from Russia despite the appeals of human rights organizations. The organizers also want to condemn the possibility of Russians and Belarusians participating in the Olympic Games, mention the demand to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council and express gratitude to the Czech people for unity with Ukraine. The goal of the march is Wenceslas Square, where there will be a gathering from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with the participation of speakers from Czech and Ukrainian organizations that promote Ukraine's victory and help people affected by the Russian invasion. The event is part of the global #LightWillWinOverDarkness campaign coordinated by the Ukrainian volunteer network.

From 3:30 p.m., an event by the Kaputin activist group, which has been protesting the Putin regime for a long time with its public actions, will take place in front of the Russian embassy.

The exhibition How Russians around the world are helping Ukraine will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Republic Square. The exhibition presents Czech and international projects implemented by Russians in Prague, Poland and other countries that provide financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. Afterwards, the participants also plan to go to Wenceslas Square.

The Stand With Ukraine event, a rally in support of Ukraine on the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, will begin at the Dominican Art Center in Brno. It is organized by the Ukrainian Initiative of South Moravia, and Špilberk will be lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag until Saturday 06:00. which will open today the exhibition of Alexander Chekmenev, a Ukrainian documentary photographer and photojournalist. The series of 24 portraits from 2022 depicts Kyiv citizens facing the difficult circumstances of the war.

In the church of St. Martina v zdi is organized by the Diaconia of the Czech Brethren Church, an evangelical event Light in the Darkness. During the evening, visitors will be able to get acquainted with Ukrainian music and art.