Perušič and Schweiner are on their way to the final, Mol and Sörum

Perušič and Schweiner are on their way to the final, Mol and Sörum

The Peruvians with Schweiner are on the way to the final Mol with Sörum

Pro Tour Elite category tournament in beach volleyball, men, group D: Perušič, Schweiner (Czech Republic) – Partain, Benesh (USA), June 2, 2023, Ostrava. From the left, David Schweiner and Ondřej Perušič.

Ostrava – Beach volleyball players Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner are fighting for a medal today at the Pro Tour Elite tournament in Ostrava. In the area in Dolní Vítkovice, the first semi-final awaits them from 11:00 a.m. with defending champions Anders Mol and Christian Sörum. The duel will be a repeat of the final matches from 2019 and 2022, when the Olympic, world and European champions from Norway were more successful each time.

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The Czech couple has not yet lost a set in the tournament and in case of another victory, they will play the final in Ostrava for the fourth time in a row. Perušič and Schweiner did not rejoice at the overall first place under high pressure, in addition to the Norwegians, even the Dutchmen Alexander Brouwer and Robert Meeuwsen did not let them reach the trophy the year before. The Czech beach volleyball players came to Ostrava as the winners of the previous elite tournament in Uberlandia.

In the second semi-final, the Qatari Šaríf Janus and Ahmed Tidžan will face the American pair of Miles Partain and Andrew Benesch. The final is scheduled for 4:30 p.m., an hour earlier the duel for bronze will begin. They will play for the women's title from 2:30 p.m.