Peter Nygaard has been charged with sexual assault, forcible arrest by Toronto police

Peter Nygaard has been charged with sexual assault, forcible arrest by Toronto police

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Peter Nygaard has been charged with sexual assault, forcible arrest by Toronto police

Toronto police have accused former fashion mogul Peter Nygaard of multiple sexual harassment, Fifth Estate Have learned.

Sources say Nygaard faces a total of nine counts, including six women, one of whom was a minor at the time of the assault. Wednesday’s charges include six counts of sexual assault and three forced arrests.

All the alleged attacks took place in the mid-1980s and mid-2000s in Toronto.

The words of the Toronto allegations are that Nygard, 80, is in custody in Manitoba, awaiting extradition to the United States after his arrest nine months ago, including sex trafficking in a New York Southern District Court.

The extradition hearing will be held Friday morning in Winnipeg.

The women involved in the Toronto charges were informed Wednesday. One woman, who was approached, welcomed the police action.

“It’s great. The bleeding finally stops. That’s all I want to say,” he said Fifth Estate.

As a victim of alleged sexual assault, she is protecting her identity.

“I’m a fighter,” he said. “I’m not leaving him to get better from me.”

APTN first reported in April 2021 the Toronto police investigation into allegations of sexual harassment involving Nygaard.

Shannon Moroni, a Toronto-based therapist who supports tens of thousands of Nygard survivors in her practice, said she was finally relieved to see the allegations leveled in Canada.

“These allegations provide validation and hope to survivors who have been hiding in the shadows for many years. Many believe they are the only victims of Nygaard and justice will never come to them,” Moroni said in an emailed statement.

“I know they all share their own allegations with their surviving sisters.

Eight women in Winnipeg have filed sexual harassment complaints against Nygaard. Winnipeg police sent their files to the Prosecution Service in December, where they are under consideration.

How the Toronto charges will affect Friday’s extradition hearing and the process in Winnipeg is unclear.

“The prosecutor must decide whether to proceed with the extradition or to withhold the extradition process to resolve the allegations in Canada,” said Toronto extradition lawyer Daniel Brown.

Fifth Estate It has been widely reported for more than a decade on several women in several countries accused of sexual harassment by Nygaard. The allegations filed by Toronto police are the first in Canada against him.

No charges against Nygaard have been proven in court. He maintains his innocence and claims that charges have been made against him to undermine his reputation.

Friday’s hearing begins at 8:45 am ET and goes live on .CA.