Petr Pavel will start a two-day visit to the Highlands in Pelhřimov

Petr Pavel will start a two-day visit to the Highlands in Pelhřimov


Illustration photo – President Petr Pavel in front of the municipal office in Nové Město pod Smrkek in Liberecko, where he began his visit to the Liberec region, on April 26, 2023.

Jihlava – President Petr Pavel he and his wife Eva will come today for a two-day visit to Vysočina. The region last experienced an official visit by the President of the Republic four years ago, when Pavlo's predecessor, Miloš Zeman, visited it in June 2019. In the January presidential election in Vysočina, Pavel defeated Andrej Babiš (ANO) by winning more than 57 percent of the vote.

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Pavel and his wife first head to the Pelhřim elementary school, which is attended by children with special educational needs. During the visit, they will be accompanied by the Governor of Vysočina Vítězslav Schrek (ODS and STO). Before noon, they will move to Jihlava, where a meeting with other representatives of the region and the city is planned.

In Jihlava, the president will also visit the Český mlýn outdoor sports ground, where he will run and shoot at an electronic biathlon shooting range. He will also be present at the gala evening in the Horácké theater organized on the occasion of the awarding of meritorious medals to members of the integrated rescue system and others awarded for saving human lives.

On the second day of the visit, the president will be in Třebíčsk. First, in Jemnica, he will meet with representatives of the city and municipalities of the region. He will also tour the premises of the agricultural cooperative in Hrotovice, which uses the waste heat from its biogas station to heat the local school, hotel or its own African catfish farm. The president will end the visit with a tour of the Kožichovice Farm, which has been growing tomatoes in greenhouses with an area of ​​3.3 hectares since 2019.