Photogallery: All the women of Giulia |

Photogallery: All the women of Giulia |

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Photogallery: All the women of Giulia |

Between the sixties and seventies the automobile established itself as a phenomenon of costume, with the world of entertainment and fashion able to intertwine with the design innovations of private transport. This combination was particularly exploited by those brands that today we would call Premium, that is the car manufacturers that also added the search for an aesthetic touch to the spirit of a utilitarian. Alfa Romeo, in Italy, took full advantage of this possibility by focusing various advertising and launch campaigns on female figures and on fashion.

Alfa Romeo Giulia, in the various versions produced between 1962 and 1977 she was often a ‘woman’. This is demonstrated by some archive images that are also a way to retrace the history of a model that is still very much loved today, as it was appreciated yesterday. Furthermore, we must not forget the great support, for Giulia, of the women who brought her into the race.

For example, on the legendary Alfa Romeo GTA-SA (supercharged), one of the many derived from the Giulia base, and prepared in ten units for Group 5, the Belgian sparked Christine Beckers, a great driver who can perfectly manage the indomitable 220 horsepower car. And also Liane Engeman, with the 1300 Junior, he reached the pinnacle of great results on and off the track, racing for Alfa Romeo before becoming a testimonial as a model.

In photogallery several derivatives of the Giulia (built in sedan, coupé, cabriolet and spider versions) are included, in addition to the 1600, the Sprint GT, the Super, the TI. There are in fact the Canguro prototype, with very different lines compared to the base; the GT 1300 Junior; the GT 1300 Junior by Zagato; the 2000 GT and the 1750 ‘Veloce’. The derivatives of the Giulia raged on Italian roads for 15 years, even going well beyond the speed limits once they hit the track.

(images: Alfa Romeo, Wheelsage, Wikimedia CC)

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