Photogallery: Fiat Uno, everyone’s small car |

Photogallery: Fiat Uno, everyone’s small car |

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Photogallery: Fiat Uno, everyone’s small car |

A car can also be not particularly beautiful, reliable, qualitatively superlative: but if the market rewards it, then nothing can be objected to. Fiat Uno it has raged on the Italian market since its launch, in the first half of the eighties, and with its small car character it has conquered everyone. A little for the price, a little for its simplicity. With her and Panda, the Turin brand came out of that decade with a good booty of sales, entering even more into the collective imagination. After all, those who lived in those years necessarily got, for one reason or another, at least once on a Fiat Uno.

To magnify the fame of the car was also thought of the legendary One Turbo, the first small car to launch the electronic turbo-injection combination. It did 200 km / h, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds: exciting data (such as the passage from 45 to 105 horsepower) that carried the lines of Giorgetto Giugiaro in a new dimension. But there were also other ideas, like that of Moretti with the ‘convertible’ version called Folk. There was a rally participation of some importance.

It was already understood that it was a special car during the presentation: it happened on January 19, 1983 even in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Remarkable, for the car that officially would have replaced the Fiat 127 with a Cx of 0.332. Three or five doors, the Uno could be fitted, at launch, with the 903 cm³ 45 HP (of the 127), 1116 cm³ 55 HP (of the Ritmo 60 second series), 1301 cm³ 68 HP (of the Ritmo 70) engines. Later came the diesel version as well. Then peeps out there too SX version, with the best trim in the range and complete with fog lights, chrome exhaust, comfort seats, digital clock. “Comfortable, swanky, thrifty, jerky”: these are the adjectives of the advertising that accompanied the Uno among the Italians, produced in Rivalta and Mirafiori. In 1984 Fiat Uno was elected Car of the Year

(images: Fiat, Wheelsage, Wikimedia CC)

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