Photogallery: Lamborghini Countach, ‘wedge-shaped’ astonishment |

Photogallery: Lamborghini Countach, ‘wedge-shaped’ astonishment |

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Photogallery: Lamborghini Countach, ‘wedge-shaped’ astonishment |

Wow, a Countach! This is a possible phrase that could be said in the presence of one of the most iconic cars created by the Lamborghini brand during its extraordinary history. Model Lamborghini Countach, designed by Paolo Stanzani and built in the style of Marcello Gandini (who at the time worked for Bertone), changed the history of the brand. And still today the offspring in the list is affected by this machine produced from 1973 to 1990.

Very appreciated all over the world (especially in the United States), it was born in the seventies, when the ‘wedge’ style was brought to light by the best Italian designers, but it flourished even more in the eighties, when it took on the synonym of uncompromising sportsmanship. After all, a film machine means art. His heir was called ‘Diablo’, because in fact only an equally diabolical car could have taken his place.

After the LP 500 prototype – Prototype, the first Countach produced with all the trappings was the 1973 LP400. In 1978 the S version arrived, while in 1982 the generation continued with the LP5000S. In 1985 the 5000 Quattrovalvole was introduced, and finally in the last two years of life the 25th anniversary was produced (not of the Countach, but of Lamborghini itself). Horacio Pagani, founder of the house of the same name, took care of the Evolution project in the second half of the eighties: the prototype was completely made of carbon fiber.

We have dedicated a photographic tribute to the Countach that accompanies it from the beginning of the seventies to the end of the career on the list (with the special intervention of Gerhard Berger and Evoluzione). There are cars that know how to be appreciated even after many years, and this creation is a clear example of this.

(images courtesy of: XPB Images, Wikimedia Commons, Wheelsage, Bonhams, RM Sotheby’s, Lamborghini)

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