Pig smiling while scratching, became a star Network

Поросенок, улыбающийся во время расчесывания, стал звездой Сети

Modern urban residents prefer to have a small furry pigs. These animals are no different from traditional Pets, and for some time it turned out that they are still very cute.

The wearer of the social network Twitter showed how sweet and touching can be a pig. Angie Karan posted on his page a short video in which her pet gets pleasure from scratching the fur brush. The baby is so happy that gave users the most sincere smile which only he was capable.

The animal showed how it is possible to take pleasure in the simple things. The hostess moved and filmed the process on video and then posted on the web. The video became popular, it has over 9 thousand people, 7.7 thousand people have shared.

Under the video, the hostess told us how much she loves your pet and how smart he is. She also asked whether users see the difference between this pink pig and a dog and told that pigs are among the smartest animals on the planet.

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