Pilsen footballers will try to keep in touch with Prague's S

Pilsen footballers will try to keep in touch with Prague's S

Fotbalisté Pilsen will try to keep in touch with Prague S

Illustrative photo – Match of the 10th round of the first football league: Bohemians Prague 1905 – FC Viktoria Plzeň, October 1, 2022, Prague. Josef Jindřišek from Bohemians and Lukáš Kalvach from Pilsen.

Prague – Mistrovská Plzeň will welcome Bohemians 1905 today in the 24th round of the football league and will try to keep in touch with the Prague teams Slavia and Sparta in third place. Viktoria loses five points to both rivals, Slavia leads the table ahead of Sparta after Saturday's draw in Liberec only thanks to a better score. Letenští won in Hradec Králové 2:0 on Saturday.

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Fotbalisté Pilsen will try to keep in touch with Prague S

< p>Fotbalisté Pilsen will try to keep in touch with Prague S

Fotbalisté Pilsen will try to keep in touch with Prague S< /p>

Fotbalisté Pilsen will try to keep in touch with Prague S

< p>The match in Pilsen will start at 18:00, three more matches will follow three hours earlier. Slovácko will welcome the penultimate Zlín, which has not been doing well in foreign stadiums for a long time. Since August 2021, “Shoemakers” have not won 25 away matches in the league. The last Pardubice will welcome the fourteenth Teplice in the rescue duel. While the East Bohemians have the worst attack in the league with 20 goals, the visitors have the weakest defense with 54 goals conceded. The newcomer from Brno will challenge Jablonec in a duel between two teams from the middle of the table.

Statistical data before Sunday's matches of the 24th round of the first league:

1. FC Slovácko (5th) – Trinity Zlín (15th)

Kick-off: Sunday, March 19, 3:00 p.m.

Referee: Starý – Machač, Podaný – Orel (video).

Balance: 25 10-5-10 29:30.

Last match: 2:0.

Votes before match:

Jan Palinek (coach Slovácko's assistant): “Instead of the last match in Jablonec, we played a model match, the players got two days off and I believe it benefited them. We don't look at Zlín as a team at the bottom of the table, but like an experienced team with an experienced coach who plays for everything. If I add to that the nature of the derby, we are in for a very difficult match. Zlín has fast wings, can thicken the center well and react to the development of the duel. It will be a battle and I believe that with a good ending for us.”

Pavel Vrba (coach of Zlín): “For me, this will be the first derby in this region, although I have experienced enough prestigious matches. I hope that this will also be very emotional, the charge will be transferred to the pitch and we from we will get something out of it. Slovácko has been showing its quality for a long time and is playing for the highest ranks. It has experienced players, but so are we, but we are at the other end of the table. In the last rounds we had the upper hand, but we lost the lead and only drew. Now we would happy to finally score in full.”

Expected lineups:

Slovakia: Nguyen – Reinberk, Hofmann, Kadlec, Doski – Havlík, Daníček – Petržela, Kim Sung-pin, Sinjavskij – Mihálik.

Zlín: Rakovan – Cedidla, Simerský, Hlinka, Procházka – Didiba, Hrubý – Vukadinović, Janetzký, Čanturišvili – Kozák.

Absence: Holzer, Kohút (both injuries) – Kolář (penalty for ČK), Bartošák (injury), Hloušek (club decision).

Disciplinary threats: Kalabiška (7 ŽK), Trávník, Vecheta – Hrubý, Kolář, Rakovan, Vukadinovič (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Mihálik – Kozák (both 4).

Interesting facts:

– the opponents have an equal league record of 10 wins and defeats and 5 draws

– Slovácko won 4 of the last 5 league matches against each other


– Slovácko has won 3 times in a row at home in the league over Zlín (without conceding a goal)

– Slovácko has lost only one of the last 7 rounds and won 3 of the last 4 league matches

< p>– Slovácko have not lost 6 times in a row at home in the league (including 5 victories). 4 rounds without a win in a row

– Zlín has not won away in the league 25 times in a row, it is the only one in the season of the top league not to have won there and won only 6 of the total 19 points there

– Zlín in the last He drew 2 rounds and with 10 tied results he is the draw “king” of the league

Zbrojovka Brno (9th) – FK Jablonec (10th)

Kick-off: Sunday, March 19, 3 p.m.

Referee: Batík – Caletka, Váňa – Kocourek (video).

Balance: 49 18-6-25 49:67.

Last match: 1:3.

Votes before match:

Jozef Dojčan (assistant coach of Brno): “Jablonec is currently in a good mood. It is collecting points and moving up the table, presenting itself with an interesting system. It is a challenge for us. We are looking forward and believe that we will be able to handle the last match before the international break. We are playing at home and we want to show a good performance with a good result . We know very well how many points we have and how many more we would need.”

David Horejš (coach of Jablonec): “Brno is another tough opponent, they have the league's best scorer in the team, Řezniček. But we have to focus mainly on ourselves and follow up on the last successful matches. Now the postponed match against Slovácko threw us off a bit, but we adapted the training week to they were as well prepared as possible on Sunday. As in every match, we now have the goal of scoring points and improving our position in the table before the international break.”

Expected lineups:

Brno: Berkovec – Hrabina, Tijani, Šural, Granečný – Texl, Blecha – Alli, Ševčík, Falta – Řezníček.

Jablonec: Hanuš – Martinec, Král, Souček – Šulc, Považanec, Hübschman , Polidar – Jovovič – Chramosta, Sejk.

Absence: Endl, Fousek, Souček – Houska, Kratochvíl, Krob, Malínský (all injured).

Disciplinary threats: Berkovec, Hrabina, Ševčík, Texl, Tijani (all 3 ŽK) – Houska, Jovovič (both 7 ŽK), Heidenreich, Krob, Považanec (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Řezníček ( 16) – Chramosta (10).

Interesting facts:

– Jablonec won 4 of the last 5 mutual league matches

– mutual the league match of both teams did not end in a draw 12 times in a row

– Brno won in only one of the last 10 league matches, but did not lose 4 rounds in a row and drew 1:1 3 times in a row

– Brno won only one of the last 4 duels at home in the league and scored only 12 of the total 27 points there in the season

– Jablonec won 3 of the last 4 league duels and won 2 times in a row 4:1< /p>

– Jablonec won 2 of the last 3 away league matches

– Jablonec did not play Slovácko in the last round due to unsuitable terrain

– Jablonec coach Horejš played for Brno


– Řezníček (Brno) scored 5 goals in the last 4 rounds and leads the league scoring table with 16 goals

– Granečný (Brno) can claim his 100th league start, Hanuš (Jablonec) can catch his 200th match in the top competition

– Patrák (Jablonec) will celebrate his 23rd birthday the day before the match

FK Pardubice (16th) – FK Teplice (14th)

Kick-off: Sunday March 19, 3 p.m.

Referee: Machálek – Kubr, Hrabovský – Zelinka (video).

Balance: 6 5-0-1 10:7.

Last match: 1:5.< /p>

Votes before the match:

Radoslav Kováč(coach Pardubice): “The match with Teplice is extremely important. We have to do everything to get through it. In a way, it's good that we lost at Bohemka, because we deserved it. It's a warning signal to returned to what we did well. I want to see a completely different team.”

Ondřej Prášil (assistant coach of Teplice): “Pardubice have a decent form and a good game performance. There is a certain signature of coach Kováč, in addition, experienced players have arrived. An axis has been formed – goalkeeper Nita, Černý in attack, experienced Vacek in the middle, Hlavatý with Janošek in good form. You can see from the team that he believes in himself. The factor of the new stadium also plays in his favor, it can be seen in the results. We are waiting for seven rounds to win, but we don't want to bind ourselves by necessity. We tried to prepare the players as best as possible for Sunday's game, everything else is in the past, even the historically bad record with Pardubice. Even though in the last league game we beat them by a lot.”

Predicted line-ups:

Pardubice: Nita – Icha, Vlček, Hranáč, Chlumecký – Vacek – Kostka, Janošek, Hlavatý, Helešic – Černý.

Teplice: Grigar – Urbanec, Chaloupek, Mičevič, Hybš – Jukl, Mareček – Pleštil, Kučera, Radosta – Gning.

Absence: Krobot (4 ŽK), Mareš, Solil (both injuries), Kostka (uncertain start) – Dramé, Knapík, Vondrášek (all injuries).

Disciplinary threat: Černý, Hranáč, Janošek, Vlček – Dramé, Grigar, Hyčka (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Janošek (6) – Gning, Žák (both 7).

Interesting facts:

– Pardubice suffered a 1:5 debacle in Teplice in the fall , but they won in the previous 5 league matches against each other

– Pardubice won both home league matches with Teplice

– Pardubice did not win 3 rounds in a row and last time they lost after 4 league matches

– Pardubice have won only one of the last 5 home league matches, on the other hand, they have lost only one of the last 4

– Teplice last time in the premiere under coach Frťala drew with Brno 1:1, they are the only team not to have won in the spring and 7 rounds are waiting for victory

– Teplice have not won 9 times in a row away from home in the league, they have lost in the last 7 matches there and with 4 of the total 21 points they are the worst team in the competition there

– Pardubice have the worst attack in the league with 20 goals, Teplice with 54 conceded goals have the weakest defense

– Nita (Pardubice) can catch the 100th match in the Czech league, Grigar (Teplice) then the 350th match in the top competition

Viktoria Plzeň (3rd) – Bohemians Praha 1905 (4th)

Kick-off: Sunday 19 March, 18:00.

Referee: Radina – Kříž, Slavíček – Berka (video).

Balance: 35 19-9-7 66:38.

Last match: 1:1.

Votes before the match:

Pavel Horváth (assistant coach of Pilsen): “The results of the last matches did not go well for us and we are getting a bit under pressure. Bohemka is always an unpleasant opponent and now they are doing well away from home. But we want to prove that we belong to the top of the league, and we have to beat Bohemka at home. We have to convert the chances we create . We must also be flawless at the back, because now we are in a period when we get a goal from everything. We have to eliminate this and we want to be better than in previous matches.”

Jaroslav Veselý

Jaroslav Veselý strong> (Coach Bohemians): “The matches with the top three did not sound very good for us this season, although we drew at home with Pilsen and at Sparta 1:1. But we also caught a debacle twice. Pilsen is pushed into a corner, they will play like animals. We have to go there with humility and not with Plzeň automatically giving away points. I would like to learn from the 2:6 debacle with Sparta and not repeat this.”

Predicted line-ups:

Pilsen: Staněk – Holík, Hejda, Jemelka, Havel – Bucha, Květ – Kopic, Sýkora, Mosquera – Chorý.

Bohemians: Valeš – Kadlec, Vondra, Hůlka – Köstl , Jindřišek, Jánoš, Dostál – Matoušek, Hála – Drchal.

Absence: Kalvach (4 ŽK), Řezník (uncertain start) – Prekop (4 ŽK), Jedlička, Čermák (both club agreement), Morávek, Petrák, Shejbal (all injured), Puskáč (uncertain start).

< p>Disciplinary threat: Hejda, Mosquera (both 7 ŽK), Chorý, Květ, Ndiaye – Beran, Puskáč (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Květ (11) – Puskáč (5).< /p>

Interesting facts:

– Plzeň have not lost 9 times in a row with Bohemians in the league, last time they did not beat them after 5 victories

– Since October 1996, Pilsen have not lost 14 times in a row at home in the Bohemians league (including 12 victories) and have beaten them 5 times in a row

– Bohemians equaled their highest defeat in a separate season with a 0:6 loss in Pilsen last season league from Drnovice from 1997

– Plzeň has won only one of the last 4 rounds

– Plzeň has not lost 3 times in a row at home in the league

– Bohemians in the last 3 league games they did not lose matches and won 2 rounds in a row

– Bohemians won 2 of the last 3 duels away in the league and won 22 of the total 35 points there in the season

– Holík and Mosquera (both Pilsen) can play their 150th league match, Puškáč (Bohemians) is waiting for his 100th start


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1. Slavia 24 17 3 4 67:20 54
2. Sparta 24 16 6 2 56:22 54
3. Pilsen 23 15 4 44:20 49
4. Olomouc 9 9 6 38:26 36
Bohemians 1905 23 10 5 8 35
6. Slovakia 22 5 7 26:30 35
7. Hradec Králové 24 9 4 11 28:33 31
8. Mladá Boleslav 24 6 10 35:35 30
9. České Budějovice 24 8 4 12 24:41 28
10. Liberec 24 7 6 11 30:36 27
11. Brno 23 7 6 10 33:43 27
12. Jablonec nad Nisou 22 7 5 10 35:40 26
13. Ostrava 24 6 7 11 36:37 25
14. Teplice 23 5 6 12 28:54 21
15. Zlín 23 3 10 10 26:42 19
16. Pardubice 23 5 4 14 20:48 19