Pilsen will try to close Slavia's lead against Český Budějovice

Pilsen will try to close Slavia's lead against Český Budějovice

Pilsen will try to overtake Slavia against Český Budějovice

Pilsen footballers celebrate a goal, November 9, 2022.

Prague – Mistrovská Plzeň will welcome České Budějovice in the 19th round of the first football league and try to get close again with the difference of one point to Slavia, who beat Brno 2:0 on Saturday. The third Sparta will present itself today in a small Prague derby at the stadium of the fourth Bohemians 1905.

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Pilsen will try to pull back Slavia's lead against Český Budějovice

Pilsen will try to beat Slavia against Český Budějovice< /p>

Pilsen will try to pull back against Český Budějovice. jump Slavia

Pilsen will try to beat Slavia against Český Budějovice< /p>

Defending champions Pilsen lost two of their last three league matches at home, but they have not lost to Český Budějovice in the top flight twenty-two times in a row since October 2006. The South Czechs lost both league games in the spring under the new coaching duo of Marek Nikl, Tomáš Zápotočný and they are thirteenth in the table.

With a 4:1 win over Mlada Boleslaví, Sparta partly corrected the opening 1:1 draw in Olomouc. Bohemians entered the spring even better and won both matches 2:0.

The Plzeň – České Budějovice match, just like the Olomouc – Hradec Králové and Mladá Boleslav – Pardubice duels, starts at 15:00, the match between the Prague teams has kick-off three hours later.

Statistical data before the matches of the 19th round of the first football league:

Viktoria Plzeň (2nd) – Dynamo České Budějovice (13th)

Kick-off: Sunday, February 12, 15:00.

Referee: Petřík – Hájek, Slavíček – Hocek (video).

Balance: 37 16-16-5 64:33.

Last match: 1:0.

Predicted lineups:

Pilsen: Staněk – M. Havel, Pernica, Hejda, Jemelka – Bucha, Ndiaye – Kopic, Vlkanova, Mosquera – Chorý.

No. Budějovice: Janáček – Broukal, L. Havel, Králik – Čolič, Hellebrand, Čavoš, Hora, Skovajsa – Škoda, Potočný.

Absence: Kalvach, Tijani (both injuries), Kliment (recovery), Rezník, Sýkora (both uncertain start) – Adediran (penalty for ČK).

Disciplinary threat: Kalvach, Květ, Tijani – Čolič, Hora, Králik, Sladký, Sluka (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Chorý (10) – Čmelík, L. Havel (both 3).< /p>

Votes before the match:

Pavel Horváth (assistant coach of Pilsen): “It may happen that the win in Brno will be a turning point for us, which will show us a better direction than in the match with Hradec. Budějovice basically always play the same way. They have a permanent core of players, even though they changed things up in the cup with Hradec. The only match on they won in the spring. We'll see what line-up their coaches decide on. We certainly don't want to lose points at home and we have to beat Budějovice.”

Tomáš Zápotočný (assistant coach of Budejovice): “We are going to Pilsen with the intention of performing well and making amends for the failed home match against Liberec. There will certainly be some changes, other players are ready and waiting for their chance. We are looking forward to the match in Pilsen, nobody will expect anything from us . It will be about having our heads set well. Nervousness and fear bind your legs.”

Interesting points:

– Pilsen in the league with Č. Budějovice has not lost 22 times in a row since October 2006 and has won in the last 4 mutual matches (each time by a goal)

– Pilsen has beaten Č. Budějovice 7 times in a row at home in the league

– Pilsen won last time for the first time after 2 rounds

– Pilsen lost 2 of the last 3 matches at home in the league and won only 18 of the total 42 points in the season there

– Pilsen has 13 collected goals the league's best defense

– Č. Budějovice lost 5 of the last 6 rounds and did not score 3 times in a row in the league (without a goal scored)

– Č. Budějovice lost 3 times in a row away from home in the league (without a goal scored), but in the season there they won 13 of the total 18 points

Sigma Olomouc (5th) – FC Hradec Králové (6th)

Kick-off: Sunday, February 12, 15:00.

Referee: Všetečka – Pečenka, Líkař – Zelinka (video).

Balance: 27 13-6-8 39:27 .

Last match: 0:1.

Estimated lineups:

Olomouc: Trefil – Pokorný, Beneš, Vráštil – Zifčák, Breite, Ventúra, Zmrzlý – Navrátil – Rűsek, Chytil.

Hradec: Reichl – Klíma . both injured), Kubala, Ševčík (both uncertain start).

Disciplinary threats: Chytil, Matoušek, Zmrzlý – Harazim, Reichl, Ryneš, Smrž (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Chytil – Kubala (both 6).

Votes before the match:

Jiří Saňák (assistant coach of Olomouc) : “We must approach the match with the same concentration as in the previous matches. We must not succumb to the fact that Hradec is an easier opponent than Slovácko was with Sparta. Hradec has the same points as us, is tenacious and unpleasant, which he proved with the win in Pilsen. We must take everything very responsibly. If we manage to win, entering the spring will be evaluated favorably. But we don't want to put ourselves under any pressure.”

Stanislav Hejkal (assistant coach Hradec): “Olomouc works well defensively. They secure themselves, they have things well put together and thought out tactically. Not only the striker Chytil will be a danger, Růsek is also in excellent form. These two are a great offensive force. In Pilsen and against Bohemka we got a goal very early from the set piece. So we want to see the start in Olomouc, that will be the alpha and omega of our performance.”

Interesting facts:

– Hradec lost in only one of the last 5 mutual league matches and over Olomouc won twice in a row without conceding a goal

– Olomouc lost only one of their 13 league matches at home, but they did not beat Hradec 3 times in a row at their stadium

– Olomouc lost only one of the last 10 rounds and drew in both spring matches

– Olomouc have not lost 4 times in a row at home in the league, but in the season there they won only 11 of the total 26 points

– Hradec lost 4 of the last 5 rounds

– Hradec won 2 of the last 3 matches away from home in the league

– Spáčil (Olomouc) will celebrate his 24th birthday the day before the match

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FK Mladá Boleslav (10th) – FK Pardubice (16th)

Kick-off: Sunday, February 12, 3 p.m.

Referee: Berka – Mokrusch, Pfeifer – Adámková (video).

Balance: 5 2-2-1 12:7.

Last match: 3:0 .

Expected Builds:

M. Boleslav: Mikulec – Šimek, Karafiát, Suchý – Tomič, Kubista, Mareček, Fulnek – Ladra, Zitný – Škoda.

Pardubice: Nita – Icha, Hranáč, Vlček, Helešic – Vacek – Pikul, Janošek , Hlavatý, Tischler – Černý.

Absence: Dancák, Donát (both injuries), Vaníček (recovery) – Darmovzal, Krobot (both club agreement), Jeřábek, Solil (both injuries).

Disciplinary threats: Jawo, Mareček, Mašek, Tomič – Černý, Hranáč, Chlumecký, Janošek (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Ladra, Mareček (both 5) – Hlavatý, Janošek (both 3).

Voices before the match:

Pavel Hoftych (coach M. Boleslavi): “We evaluated the loss at Sparta. We have to improve productivity and continue in a similarly active game. Pardubice have a well-composed squad with very skilled boys and the match against them will not be easy, but we are playing at home and we need three points. We have a well-prepared and positive team.”

Radoslav Kováč (coach Pardubice): “We know that the Mladá Boleslav team is high-quality, very experienced and has several excellent individuals in its midst. At the top, they have skilled players like Ladra, Kušej and Žitný. We don't even have to talk about the genius of Marko Matějovský and let's not forget others like Škoda. He is waiting difficult game for us, but we are aware that we need to get as many points as possible from each game. We will go to Boleslav with that as well. We have players coming back who could not play against Slavia because of the loan agreement. On the other hand, others for the same reason they are relegated, but we have to deal with it.”

Interesting facts:

– M. Boleslav lost only one of the 5 league matches with Pardubice so far (in the previous mutual home match 2:3)

– M. Boleslav lost after 3 rounds last time

– M. Boleslav did not lose 5 times in a row at home in the league, but in the season there they won only 10 of the total 23 points

– Pardubice have not won 4 rounds in a row

– Pardubice lost only one of the last 3 matches away from home in the league, but this year they only got 4 out of a total of 11 points there.

– injured captain Pardubic Jeřábek will celebrate his 39th birthday on the day of the match

Bohemians Prague 1905 (4th) – Sparta Prague (3rd)

Kick-off: Sunday, February 12, 18:00.

Referee: Szikszay – Kříž, Vlček – Orel (video).

Balance sheet : 41 4-11-26 27:73.

Last match: 1:1.

Expected lineups:

Bohemians: Jedlička – Hůlka, Petrák, Vondra – Dostál, Jindřišek, Jánoš, Kovařík – Matoušek, Prekop – Puskáč.

Sparta: Kovář – Vitík , Panák, Ladislav Krejčí II – Mejdr, Sadílek, Kairinen, Zelený – Čvančara, Haraslín – Kuchta.

Absence: Köstl (penalty for ČK), Drchal (club agreement), Hála, Křapka, Morávek (all uncertain start) – Čelůstka, Pešek (both injured), Höjer, Jankto, Laci, Sörensen, Vitík (all uncertain start).

Disciplinary threat: Beran, Jánoš, Matoušek, Puskáč – Čvančara, Daněk, Jankto, Mejdr, Minčev, Zelený (all 3 ŽK).

Best scorers: Puskáč (5) – Čvančara (6).


Votes before the match:

Jaroslav Veselý (Bohemians coach): “If someone had told us a year ago that we would be fourth after 18 rounds, we wouldn't have believed him very much. It can be seen that we have come a certain way since last year's play-off, that we have risen. I never fly in the clouds, but to say that we do not want to maintain the current position , would be cowardly. Finishing in the top six would be a great success for Bohemka, but there is a long way to go. Now Sparta and other difficult matches await us.”

Luboš Loučka< /strong> (Sparta assistant coach): “The win over Boleslaví was an encouragement for us. I think that the upcoming match will have a lot of influence on the weather, the terrain on Bohemka will probably not be the best. It probably won't be very good to play some nice football, it will be about deployment, fights, second balls. Of course, I'm not saying that we don't want to show our combination football, but I think it will be more difficult now. For me, it will be more of a war than some beautiful football. We are chasing the first two teams in front of us. It doesn't matter if we play Bohemka or another opponent. We have a clear goal and that is three points in every game.”

Interesting facts:

– Sparta has lost only one of the last 30 league matches with Bohemians, 2 of the last 3 head-to-head but the duels ended in a 1:1 draw

– Bohemians have not beaten Sparta 14 times in a row at home in the league since November 2001

– Bohemians won 3 of the last 4 rounds and won both spring matches 2:0

– Bohemians lost only one of the last 5 matches at home in the league, but in the season there they got only 9 of the total 28 points, in the role visitors in Ďolíček beat Pardubice in their autumn asylum

– Sparta lost only one of the last 17 rounds and won in 4 of the last 5 league matches

– Sparta won only one of the last 3 away in the league duels and scored only 15 of the total 36 points there in the season

– Jindřišek (Bohemians) will celebrate his 42nd birthday on Tuesday

– Mejdr (Sparta) can play his 50th league match


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1. Slavia 19 15 1 3 60:15 46
2. Pilsen 18 13 3 2 38:13 42
3. Sparta 18 10 6 2 35:17 36
4. Slovakia 19 8 5 6 22:27 29
5. Bohemians 1905 18 8 4 6 31:29 28
6. Olomouc 18 7 5 6 26:19 26
7. Hradec Králové 18 8 2< /td>

8 21:22 26
8. Liberec< /td>

19 7 4 8 24:23 25
9. Ostrava 19 6 6 7 33:27 24
10. Mladá Boleslav 18 6 5 27:28 23
11. Brno 6 3 10 28:39 21
12. Jablonec nad Nisou 19 5 5 27:35 20
13. Teplice 5 4 10 24:44 19
14. České Budějovice 18 5 3 10 17:33 18
15. Zlín 19 3 8 8 20:34 17
16. Pardubice 18 3 2 13 14:42 11