Pizza, boxing and family: Maignan’s gloves on Milan (and Milan)

Pizza, boxing and family: Maignan’s gloves on Milan (and Milan)

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Pizza, boxing and family: Maignan’s gloves on Milan (and Milan)

The new Rossoneri goalkeeper only comes out for a few dinners at City Life. Very close to his mother and two sisters, he is a friend of the Primavera goalkeeper. A nice guy who is determined to be successful

First of all the women: his mother, the two sisters who accompanied him to Milan when he arrived for the signing and who will settle in the city when Mike Maignan returns to Milan after his commitments with the French national team. For now he lives in a hotel, in the San Siro area, and still in the racecourse area he has found a home for his matriarchal family. Father never known, brothers not very present: Mike had promised to take them away from the Paris suburb where he grew up and where life was not too quiet. Promise kept: now Milan opens its doors to the Maignan ladies.


For now, however, what has remained closed is the Rossoneri door: Maignan is not very sociable with opposing strikers, given that he is the goalkeeper of Europe who remained undefeated most often last season. On the other hand, he is very sociable with his teammates and not only: he immediately bonded with Giroud and Ballo Tourè, in short with the French speakers of the group (now there are many at Milanello) and often finds himself with Alexis Saelemaekers. He still does not speak Italian well, but he uses endless turns of words to express the concepts, gives advice in Italian to Plizzari and has also made friends with the youth goalkeeper, Lapo Nava, son of art with his father, former Milan player Stefano and mother. French: even for him, the advice comes in Italian. The perfectionist Maignan, known as Magic Mike or Monsieur Pizza by friends, is trying to forge ahead even off the pitch. Meanwhile, on a technical level, Dida, Gigi Ragno and Emiliano Betti help him. The goal is to quickly remove the shadow of Donnarumma, who among other things does not seem to worry much the perfectionist Mike, one who has the hobby of keeping the garage in order. “I want to work on it at least two hours a week, so I can find everything even with my eyes closed.”

Passion for pizza

One of the nicknames that his friends gave him is linked to his tastes: he loves pizza and as soon as he arrived in Milanello to celebrate he ordered pizza for the whole family. Consumed that evening in the hotel, waiting to take the measurements at the restaurants in the city. One of the favorites of AC Milan players is in the City Life area, where many Rossoneri live. Maignan instead preferred to look in the green and quiet area of ​​San Siro. A nice relaxation after the childhood years in the turbulent Villiers-le-Bel.

Relax and focus

Remaining concentrated is one of the qualities of Maignan, who has a whole ritual of postural exercises and stretching before the start of the games and who will slowly explore the parks of Milan (starting with the Sempione Park) and maybe look for a place to practice boxing. In his spare time, when training is not enough, Maignan loves putting on gloves: like other sportsmen, he considers it a good way to relax. At the moment, however, he experienced very little stress with Milan: he started in fourth place and has already conquered a good part of the fans who were desperate for Donnarumma’s farewell. Life is strange: Gigio in Paris, where Mike’s story began, and Maignan in Milan. The PSG had noticed him at thirteen and had forced him to study more and improve his grades to go on with the Academy. Operation carried out by Mike, but not enough to guarantee him space over the years. Hence the transition to Lille, maturation, the title of champion of France, the climb to the hierarchy of the national team. Story just begun.


Because Monsieur Pizza is a kind and reserved, but determined guy. “The important thing is not to win the Champions League, it is to make my mother proud”. It is likely that over the years the Champions League will also become a goal, now there is the discovery of Milan, Serie A and Milan that he likes more every day. From Casa Milan to Milanello, from City Life to San Siro: Maignan is already Milanese on the pitch, with his modern style and the desire to work to improve himself. He is already good with his feet and many have noticed it. Maybe because he wanted to be a forward or because he loved Gerrard, who was a master in throwing. Then someone moved Maignan into the goal. Luckily for him and a little for Milan too.

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