PlayStation retracts with Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 to PS5 update will be free

PlayStation retracts with Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 to PS5 update will be free

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PlayStation retracts with Horizon Forbidden West: PS4 to PS5 update will be free

They have confirmed that in their future intergenerational releases this update will be paid.

This Thursday it must be an exciting day For all fans waiting for the promising Horizon: Forbidden West, Sony has pre-ordered its various editions, featuring some impressive collector’s versions, plus some with different content extras. However, what should be a celebration became a source of controversy for the management of the intergenerational updating of the degree.

Horizon: Forbidden West update to PS5 will be free on all PS4 editionsWe were able to know that the standard and special would not have double rights for PS4 and PS5, and therefore could not be updated for free. Beyond Sony’s business decision for its intergenerational games, the critics pointed to Jim Ryan, which I assure in an interview in The Washington Post that the update from PS4 to PS5 of Horizon: Forbidden West would be free. This interview took place in the context of the disappointment of some PS5 users at the announcement of the arrival of these titles to PS4. Jim Ryan assured that they would offer versions of PS5 built from scratch to take advantage of the operation of PS5 and that also PS4 users would get this version for free with an update.

Jim Ryan has acknowledged that they were not right with the offers in the reservesAll of this had led to a complicated situation to Sony, with compromised statements and disappointed users with the situation. Finally, it was Jim Ryan himself the one who, through a statement on the PlayStation blog has confirmed that the update of Horizon: Forbidden West to PS5 will be free on all editions of PS4. The president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has acknowledged that the offers they offered at their opening of reservations “they did not hit the target“.

Rayan has justified himself alluding to the delay of Horizon: Forbidden West, which would have taken it outside the launch window that they had originally planned. This has served to confirm that the case of Horizon: Forbidden West will be something exceptional that has to do with the promises that the company made at the time, but from now on all exclusive titles released by Sony and intergenerational, will have a optional paid upgrade to upgrade the version from PS4 to PS5. This update will cost 10 dollars and it will be applied in games like the upcoming God of War, Gran Turismo 7 and any other intergenerational exclusive released by SIE. This situation stems from the increase in the price of Sony games on PS5 compared to PS4, a decision that Jim Ryan has always defended, alluding to the hours of training they offer.

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