PlayStation Showcase: what games are expected at the new virtual event

PlayStation Showcase: what games are expected at the new virtual event

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PlayStation Showcase: what games are expected at the new virtual event

Sony prepare a new edition of PlayStation Showcase, its popular virtual event dedicated to news about its exclusive video games, upcoming releases and the ecosystem of its PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The presentation will take place this Thursday, at 17 from Argentina, and as usual it can be followed through the official channels of the brand on YouTube and Twitch.

The digital event is expected to have a duration of 40 minutes and, according to the official PlayStation blog, “it will include updates on games from PlayStation Studios and from some of the most imaginative developers in the industry, on games coming out later this year and beyond.”

Sony specified that the PlayStation Showcase will feature news from large and small video game developers. Also, after the main presentation, the live will continue with expanded information on some of the titles presented.

A new God of War, more of Gran Turismo and news about Horizon

In recent weeks, as often happens, the rumors about the games that will be protagonists at the event were focused on three exclusive franchises from Sony Studios: God of War, Gran Turismo and the Horizon saga.

Initially, God of War: Ragnarok (tentative name) is called to be the great video game of the event.

Although Santa Monica Studio has already confirmed that this will not be the final name of the game and that we will have to wait for 2022 To play on PS5 and PS4, fans of the Kratos saga are waiting for more details on the long-awaited sequel since its official announcement in late 2020.

God of War: Ragnarok. The Santa Monica studio is preparing a sequel to the 2018 game. Photo: capture.

David jaffe, the creator of God of War, recently posted a video on his YouTube channel sharing information about the sequel to the 2018 title. According to his sayings, the next game would have 40 hours of gameplay.

Lovers of driving in general and Gran Turismo in particular await a return to the classic saga.

The first trailer of Gran Turismo 7, with an emphasis on the Gran Turismo 4-style map, the used cars and a series of missing options in the latest installments, suggest that the “Gran Turismo is Back” slogan has something symbolic.

If confirmed, without a doubt, the new version of the racing video gamecan beanother of the great announcementsof the PlayStation Showcase for PlayStation 5, which would also have its adaptation for PS4.

The technical characteristics of the new console Thanks to the SSD storage memory, the adaptive triggers of the DualSense joystick and ray tracing to improve the graphics would make the next installment of Gran Turismo even more special.

On the other hand, the game Horizon Forbidden West it would also have its place of privilege in the PlayStation Showcase.

After having postponed the launch, the second great adventure of the heroine Aloy will be released definitively on February 18 on PS5 and PS4, as confirmed by the studio Guerrilla Games. Therefore, it is likely that Horizon Forbidden West show up with a new gameplay demo or perhaps another reveal trailer.

With regard to its products, the Japanese company stressed that this time no news about the new generation of its virtual reality headset will be released PlayStation VR, after having announced the first details earlier this year.

PlayStation Showcase: what games are expected at the new virtual event

PlayStation 5 made its presentation at the 2020 PlayStation Showcase.

Expectations around the event are high if one takes into account that, around this time last year, Sony held an edition of the PlayStation Showcase in which the launch date and price of the console were announced. Playstation 5.

Also during that presentation, Final Fantasy XVI was revealed, the first Demon’s Souls gameplay was shown and even the new God of War that was stipulated for 2021, something that was finally not fulfilled by the company.