PlayStation wants to make the best games |  Atomix

PlayStation wants to make the best games | Atomix

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PlayStation wants to make the best games |  Atomix

The next God of war Y Horizon Forbidden West are the most anticipated games on PlayStation right now. While none of these titles has a specific release date, Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE, has revealed that this is because the company is focused on creating the best possible experiences, and not just offering “ok” titles. Thus, the emphasis is on quality, and not so much on meeting a release date.

Ryan was recently interviewed by TMT Post, where he mentioned that players only remember the best experiences on the market, quickly forgetting those that are called “ok”. This was what he commented:

“It is better to wait and have a great game than to rush and have a game that is [solo] good or pretty good. Players only remember [los] better games rather than acceptable games. If it’s the best game, players may want a sequel and they’ll want to buy a sequel too, but no one really cares about a game that’s just okay. Of course, due to financial and product portfolio considerations, we will also push the studios to deliver a certain product on time. But in general, we do not want products that are good, we want the best

I think that a better game can awaken certain emotions in the players, such as making the player feel excited, feel the adrenaline or feel happy or sad. I think the best gaming experience should allow players to enter an immersive in-game experience, allowing players to fully integrate into the game and experience different emotions. “

As you may recall, previous comments from Ryan have pointed out that PlayStation’s current emphasis is on delivering blockbuster-style AAA titles, so this new comment continues this idea. As for the release dates, PlayStation Studios teams still take this point seriouslybut their focus will always be on the quality of the game they are working on.

Strangely, during the same interview, Ryan was asked about the games that he looks forward to the most, and mentions that “for approximately the next year, the games in our studios will include Horizon Forbidden West, and then we’ll have a new GOD OF WAR game. ” This suggests that Aloy’s next adventure would last until 2022., although this could well be just a mistake, since at the moment there is no official information.

On related issues, Sony is planning a PlayStation event for August. Similarly, more PlayStation games could come to PC.

PlayStation wants to make the best games |  Atomix

Via: TMT Post

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