Poisoning at a military College in the Ternopil region: the 27 students in the hospital

Отравление в военном колледже на Тернопольщине: 27 курсантов в больнице

With symptoms of poisoning hospitalized 27 students of the military College. All students aged 15 to 18 years of age became ill in the night. 20 children were immediately hospitalized in the infectious diseases Department, the morning appealed to doctors seven.

The College said that they have all the ingredients fresh, and the students were poisoned home-made food, which he handed to one of the cadets.

The chief of the Ternopol professional College Vadim lastovetsky said that on this occasion will be an internal investigation, which will finally tell about the reasons of mass poisoning. The College is already working law enforcement officers and specialists of Derepressible. They have to analysis the products from the dining room. Preliminary laboratory results will be known in a few days.

Submitted to the unified register of Ukraine under article violation of sanitary rules and regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases and mass poisonings,
– said the head of the Department in Ternopil region, Peter Mihovich.

There are no conclusions from the lab, the dining room was closed, and the food for the children will be brought from other schools.

Отравление в военном колледже на Тернопольщине: 27 курсантов в больнице

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