Poland risks losing $ 47 billion because of the departure of the Ukrainians

Польша рискует потерять 47 млрд долларов из-за отъезда украинцев

Poland left about 20% of Ukrainian workers of the construction sector

Poland risks losing about $ 47 billion because of the mass Exodus of Ukrainian migrant workers in pandemic coronavirus. It is reported Bloomberg.

It is reported that the construction sector in Poland accounted for 8% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. A significant role in the construction industry in Poland back migrants from Ukraine.

As noted by the Polish lobbyists, about 20% of Ukrainian workers in the construction sector have returned to Ukraine and will not return until until open borders. According to preliminary estimates, Poland has about 2 million Ukrainians.

“The closure of the European borders in an attempt to contain the pandemic coronavirus can cause the loss of construction industry $ 47 billion”, – stated in the message.

Such predictions can be carried out in case of deterioration of the situation with coronavirus in Poland and the extension of national isolation.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine wrote that the number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 in Poland reached 1,085 people. In recent days confirmed 138 new infections.

It was also reported that as of March 27, Ukraine closes its borders to all citizens, including Ukrainians. Thus, citizens of Ukraine who are abroad, will not be able to return temporarily to the country.

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