Police: The dead Czech found in Poland is a man wanted for murder in Prague

Police: The dead Czech found in Poland is a man wanted for murder in Prague

Police: Czech found dead; man wanted in Poland for murder in Prague

Police – illustrative photo.

Prague – The Czech found dead in Poland is indeed a man wanted for murder in Prague. This was confirmed today by the police on twitter. A man allegedly shot a woman in a Prague hotel on Saturday, and the police have been searching for him ever since. A dead man was found in a hotel in Wroclaw, Poland, on Tuesday. The Czech police subsequently announced that he is probably the aforementioned murder suspect, but on Tuesday the police could not confirm this definitively.

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Today, Czech police officers announced that the identity of the dead man had been verified. “We can confirm that this is indeed a wanted 42-year-old man suspected of murder,” they said. At the same time, they thanked their colleagues from the Polish police for their cooperation.

The police first announced on Sunday that they were looking for this man because of the murder of a woman in Prague on Saturday, and published his photos together with the description and license plate of his car. The man was described as armed and dangerous. On Tuesday morning, the police announced that the suspect's car had been found in Brno, and in the evening they published information about the discovery of a dead Czech in Poland. They have not yet said how the man died.

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