Polívk's theater is looking for a replacement space, the current location is awaiting repair

Polívk's theater is looking for a replacement space, the current location is awaiting repair

The Polish Theater is looking for a replacement space, the current seat is waiting for repair

Actor Boleslav Polívka at a press meeting to organize the rest of this year's season of the Bolek Polívka Theater with regard to the poor static condition of the building, February 27, 2023, Brno.

Brno – The Bolka Polívka Theater in Brno has returned to its premises on Jakubské náměstí after a static inspection of the roof and will start playing again, but it remains uncertain in the long term. The roof of the hall is awaiting reconstruction, it is planned for next year. The theater, in cooperation with the city as the owner of the hall, is intensively looking for a space where it will operate in the next theater season. Nothing is certain yet, Principal Polívka told journalists today. The reconstruction should take about two years, but Polívka fears that the repair will drag on.

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“We're looking for an alternative solution, it's a matter of negotiation, what someone will offer us, what we'll look for, what will be 'passable' and what won't be – it's a bit like on ski slopes with snow,” Polívka described the uncertainty. He would like to find a replacement space equal to the current hall. Next season, the theater will celebrate 30 years of activity. “We want to have a festive season – and we don't know where,” stated Polívka.

“Most likely, we will remain playing in the theater building behind St. James's Church until mid-June. After that, we will move to the amphitheater on Kraví Hora in Brno. But we are also considering the option of starting the upcoming Summer Scene two weeks earlier,” said theater project manager Simona Kostrhunová .

What will happen from September, nobody knows yet. Although the theater is preparing the dramaturgy for the next season, they still have no idea where it will be staged. It depends both on the results of further construction-technical and material surveys of the current hall, and on the other hand on the results of the search for an alternative space and negotiations with the city as a lessor.

The building that houses the hall of the Bolka Polívka Theater – and the cinema hall below it Scala – was created about 100 years ago. It is a reinforced concrete building. While preparing for the reconstruction of the roof, the builders discovered cracks, the age and seriousness of which were uncertain. The theater and cinema remained closed for less than two weeks, static engineers were working in the building, installing measuring devices. As of today, the theater is in operation again.

“According to the experts, there is no danger, moreover, the theater premises are constantly monitored by special devices,” said Kostrhunová. The theater is also continuing the preparation of the new Kati production, which will premiere on March 31.