Polymega, an incredible console for retro fans, from the NES to the Sega Saturn

Polymega, an incredible console for retro fans, from the NES to the Sega Saturn

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Polymega, an incredible console for retro fans, from the NES to the Sega Saturn

In just a few days, retrogaming and emulation fans will have something to consider for next Christmas: Polymega, the special console that allows you to play a multitude of retro retail games, from generation NES to that PlayStation, thanks to its modular design.

Initially announced as RetroBlox four years ago, Polymega is a special Linux-based console, equipped with all the classic modern features, such as HDMI, Wi-Fi, ethernet port, USB, internal memory, support for SD cards and SSDs to expand memory, etc. ..However, this is not a new rival of PlayStation or Xbox, but of a real universal time machine.

The “base” console has a CD-ROM drive for playing games PlayStation, SEGA CD, Turbografx-CD, NeoGeo CD And SEGA Saturn, which can be safely played with the included wireless controller, but Polymega can also support games on a NES, SNES, Genesis and other.

Like? Thanks to special extra modules (sold separately), which can be connected to the console to allow not only to play retail games in formats other than CD, but also to play with their original controllers (or the rebranded Polymega ones, included with the ‘purchase of the module)

Polymega uses emulation software Mednafen and a custom BIOS, ensuring full compatibility of all titles. Plus, if you prefer a touch of modernity, you can always insert your retail games into the console and install them in the memory, internal or external, so you never have to re-enter the title in the future.

Be warned though: Polymega is not needed to play ROMs or ISOs that you have obtained elsewhere. You cannot use your digital collection acquired more or less legally over the years. You can create and use the digital file only by making a backup in the console.

The basic console, purchasable at this address, will be available starting September 12, will cost $ 449 and will include the wireless controller, plus a small selection of digital games:

  • 40 Winks (PS1 – NA Version)
  • Viper (PS1 – PAL Version)
  • Iron Commando (SNES – NA Version, SFC Version)
  • Top Racer (SFC – JP Version)
  • Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES – NA Version)
  • Battle Squadron (Genesis – NA Version)

The four extra modules, which add retail compatibility for the cartridges, cost $ 79 and also include a small list of digital titles. Of course, you can also buy the bundle that includes consoles and all modules for $ 649.

Finally, for those interested in 99%, we point out that the site ships to Italy and that the console itself has the interface in our local language.

Polymega is definitely an intriguing console, don’t you think too?

Source: Polygon

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