Pompeo spoke about aid to Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo explained why the United States is helping Ukraine.

Помпео рассказал о помощи Украине

About us official said on the sidelines of the 56-th Munich conference on security issues, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

At the beginning of his speech, invited Pompeo to talk about “territorial integrity, or more precisely of those countries who despise”.

“Russia has invaded Crimea and parts of Eastern Ukraine and Georgia,” began the American official.

Pompeo noted that the United States give Ukraine not only military assistance but also support in the field of cybersecurity.

“The United States has armed the Ukraine to help this brave nation to protect itself from Russian aggression, and together with the Baltic countries worked on cybersecurity to protect themselves from repeated attacks of Moscow”, — said Pompeo.

Also U.S. Secretary of state shared their experiences after a trip to Ukraine. A special official was impressed by the visit to the hospital, where the wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

“You know, only 15 days ago, I was in Kiev, Ukraine. I visited the hospital, where he recovered Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded during the conflict and was wounded during the struggle with aggression supported by Russia. There was a young, brave warrior — we had a conversation — which was seriously injured, and he experienced severe pain. We talked for a few minutes. Through an interpreter he told me that he is the captain. I reminded him that several decades ago I was a captain,” recalled Pompeo.

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