Pop diva Vera Brezhnev admitted that he is not suited to the plate

Pop diva Vera Brezhnev admitted that he is not coming to the plate. Monitors the cleanliness and order of the housekeeper, and preparing a professional chef. Spouse of the singer, producer Konstantin Meladze, the wife sometimes indulges in the culinary delights.

Поп-дива Вера Брежнева призналась, что не подходит к плите

38-year-old Vera Brezhnev told reporters that due to the frequent filming and touring time for cleaning and cooking is almost none. To maintain cleanliness and order in the house possible by the assistant. Also the ex-soloist of group “Viagra” confessed that they were preparing for households. Delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine pampers her husband when they are going with the whole family, and in the remaining days preparing a professional chef.

Vera Brezhnev complained that many consider her marriage an arranged marriage and do not believe in the sincerity of her feelings. The singer said that his creative life has earned enough, she’s happy with Konstantin Meladze, and the rumors about the divorce of “star” couple is not paying attention.

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