Pospíšil, Prago Union and Mládek will perform at Krásný trásty Live in Všetice

Pospíšil, Prago Union and Mládek will perform at Krásný trásty Live in Všetice

They will perform at Beautiful losses Live in Všetics ; Pospíšil, Prago Union och Mládek

The second day of the Venátská! festival, July 29, 2022 in Liberec. Ivan Mladek

Všetice (Benešovsko) – Singer and musician Luboš Pospíšil with the band 5P, Slovak experimental singer-songwriters Katarzie or the bands Prago Union and Gaia Mesiah will perform on August 11 and 12 at the Krásný tráby Live festival in Všetice, Central Bohemia. Among the guests of the seventh year will be the British singer-songwriter living in the Czech Republic James Harries, the band Precedens or Ivan Mládek and the Banjo Band. Since this year, musician and bandleader Monkey Business or J.A.R. have also been involved in the dramaturgy together with the festival's music guarantor Michal Prokop. Roman Holý, ČTK reported for organizer Zuzana Kantorová.

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“This year's Krásných tráby is in a way groundbreaking. First, after a long time, we are adding another scene that will introduce the addition of the main program. This year, we are trying to target it a little outside the traditional fans of Michal Prokop. So it will really be a multigenerational event, which we have always set as our primary goal,” said festival producer David Gaydečka.

A special foreign guest will be the blues singer Chris Jagger, who is the brother of the more famous Mick. The program will also include performances by the two dramaturgs of the festival with their groups, i.e. Michal Prokop at the head of Framus Five and the acoustic Trio and Roman Holé with Monkey Business. Multi-instrumentalist Jakub Kaifosz will perform twice on the added small stage. On Friday as part of the Lazer Viking project, on Saturday as the frontman of the now-defunct band Wild Tides.

According to the organizers, Krásný trázy Live is characterized by a breadth of genres not seen elsewhere. “The stars of the current club indie scene 'something something' can take turns with the singer Bára Vaculíková in the pop-jazz project Divá Baara, Slovak blues stars ZVA 12-28 Band and veterans of acoustic alternative and original songwriting Jablkoň, a bluesy Harmonica virtuoso Matěj Ptaszek with the sharp indie pop band Gustavo Rojo or the ska-rock Staircase with the brilliant jazz singer Yvonne Sanchez,” said the organizers.

Those interested can find the detailed program on the festival website.