Poultry took a shower at the hands of his mistress and became a star Network (VIDEO)

Домашняя птичка приняла душ на руках своей хозяйки и стала звездой Сети (ВИДЕО)

Video taking a shower with a little white bird got on the website Reddit more than 70 thousand views.

The finches decided to take a shower, which he built for his mistress, using their hands and the faucet over the sink. The bird carefully maintains the purity of its white feathers. Probably going on a date or a business meeting — nothing less.

Users interested in continuation of hygienic procedures of poultry:

“And it will dry the feathers of this little Hairdryer?”

“We need to put on the feathers whitening balm!”

“Even a bird needs to clean the beak with a brush and style it. Will be gorgeous!”.

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