Power unit: Mercedes ‘helps’ Volkswagen, goodbye to MGU-H |  FormulaPassion.it

Power unit: Mercedes ‘helps’ Volkswagen, goodbye to MGU-H | FormulaPassion.it

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Power unit: Mercedes ‘helps’ Volkswagen, goodbye to MGU-H |  FormulaPassion.it

There Mercedes it would be ready to compromise on the rules of future Formula 1 engines to facilitate the entry of another manufacturer into the circus. What might seem like a science fiction hypothesis has actually been confirmed by the team principal of the three-pointed star, Toto Wolff, immediately after the conclusion of the Italian Grand Prix.

Formula 1, in fact, is working to introduce one new rule on engines starting in 2025, with manufacturers currently discussing the possibility of making the new power units not only cheaper and easier to manage, but also more sustainable. In the event that these innovations were to be delayed or postponed to 2026, Mercedes would therefore be willing to give up the element ofMGU-H to provide a valuable assist when the group enters the scene Volkswagen as a new engineer.

The German house, which includes the brands Porsche and Audi, and who has repeatedly expressed his interest in entering F1, could thus carry out his project more easily thanks to the renunciation of his compatriots of the aforementioned element, useful for recovering and storing from / to the turbocharger.

Interviewed by Speed ​​Week on the move that Mercedes could implement, Wolff commented on this hypothesis: “The MGU-H will be abandoned if we can find a balance with many other points – admitted the Mercedes team principal – but I think it is a good one. I can not add more, but we are ready to make it easier for Volkswagen to enter. If we fail to find this compromise, at that point we will have to go back to governance, and we will abide by the regulations that the FIA ​​and the FOM are about to issue ”.

These statements came at the end of a Sunday that saw the meeting of the leaders of the motorists participating in the current championship, together with potential brands ready to enter the circus. A meeting judged positively by Wolff himself, who commented on the meeting as follows: “I can’t speak for others – he added – but Mercedes really wants to see the Volkswagen Group in Formula 1. The discussion was constructive and there was progress.. C.There are some details that still need to be addressed, but we expect them to be resolved in the coming weeks ”.

Indirectly, Volkswagen could therefore make its debut in F1 alongside other companies that, in the past, have collaborated with the same from Wolfsburg. In fact, among the teams willing to give up the MGU-H there would be the Red Bull, who had made a combination with the Germans in the world rally, but then the retirement of the latter from the scene. The same Austrian team also shares an idea launched by Volkswagen for the introduction of a new technology in F1, focused on four-wheel drive.

Power unit: Mercedes ‘helps’ Volkswagen, goodbye to MGU-H |  FormulaPassion.it

Cross roads, therefore, which also respond to the names of Jost Capito, Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Meo: the first, current Williams team principal – powered by Mercedes – was in fact Head of Volkswagen Motorsport, while the CEO of FOM had previously held the position of president of Lamborghini, in turn a subsidiary of Audi. The same role that another Italian, in this case the CEO of Meo’s Renault, had taken on at Seat, achieved after being marketing manager of the Volkswagen group.

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