Prague Castle changes the visitor price list, expands the possibility of tours

Prague Castle changes the visitor price list, expands the possibility of tours

Prague Castle is changing to Těvnik Castle, expanding rarely the possibility of tours

Illustrative photo – Open day at Prague Castle on the occasion of the start of the summer tourist season, May 14, 2022, Prague.

Prague – From the beginning of March, the Prague Castle Administration (SPH) will expand the possibilities of visiting the most visited Czech monument and the Lánské Castle. It will offer new guided tours with guides and curators, with which people will get to normally inaccessible objects. In part, SPH will also change the existing price list. This follows from a press release published on the Prague Castle website.

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“The entrance fee for the basic circuit at Prague Castle does not change. However, higher operating costs and inflation force the Prague Castle Administration to look for additional sources of financial income,” said SPH director Jan Novák.

He wants to focus more on Czech citizens and open Prague Castle and Lány Castle to the public in new sightseeing tours. He will introduce guided tours accompanied by professional guides and curators. Reservations will be required for these tours through the official website of Prague Castle. From May 1, SPH will launch the loyalty program Club friends of Prague Castle, which will be aimed mainly at domestic visitors. The opening hours of the castle gardens will also be extended.

The basic visitor circuit, which includes the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St. George, the Golden Alley and the Cathedral of St. Vitus, will continue to cost 250 crowns. The exhibition The Story of Prague Castle and the Picture Gallery of Prague Castle will be combined into a new visitor circuit, the basic entrance fee for which will be 200 crowns. Until now, a ticket for each of them separately cost 150 crowns.

SPH introduces guided tours with guides or curators, for some of them the number of visitors will be limited due to heritage protection. People will thus be able to view, for example, the St. Wenceslas Chapel or the royal tomb in detail. They can also visit the Romanesque and Gothic floors of the Old Royal Palace, the southern gardens or perhaps the House of the Falconer. For guided tours with guides, people pay from 200 to 600 crowns per adult, depending on the selected circuit, depending on the choice of language. “This is a completely new opportunity to visit extraordinary places of Prague Castle, some of which have never been open to the public before,” said Novák. According to him, the amount of the entrance fee will be set in proportion to the need to regulate the number of visitors and to protect exceptional monuments. The curatorial tours will cover, for example, the inner triforium and grounds of St. Vitus Cathedral, the St. Wenceslas Chapel or the tombstones of Czech princes and kings.

SPH is also introducing Czech guided tours of the representative floor of the Lánská chateau. “Visitors will get to know the representative floor of the castle and its history. The guides pay special attention to the monument to T. G. Masaryk and the Lány castle as the seat of the head of state,” said Novák.