Prague is deciding whether to give tens of millions more to equip Šlecht's restaurant

Prague decides whether to spend tens of millions on equipment for Lecht's restaurants

Šlecht's restaurant in Prague's Stromovka in a photo taken on June 24, 2021.

Prague – In the coming weeks, the capital's leadership will decide whether to invest another 90 to 100 million crowns in equipping Šlecht's restaurant in Stromovka. Jiří Pospíšil, the new councilor for culture, told ČTK (TOP 09). According to him, there is also the possibility that the future operator of the restaurant would pay for the equipment. Repairs to the monument began at the turn of 2017 and at the turn of 2018, and the main hall was completed in mid-2021, but the restaurant and the adjacent Kaštanka garden have still not been completed.

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Prague decides whether to spend tens of millions to equip Lecht's restaurants

Prague decides whether to spend tens of millions on equipment for Lecht's restaurant

Prague decides whether to give tens of millions to equip Lecht's restaurant

Prague decides whether to spend tens of millions on equipment for Lecht's restaurant

The administration of Šlecht's restaurant is in charge of the municipal contribution organization Obecní dům, Pospíšil said that he wants to meet with its representatives in the coming weeks and discuss the request for further investments. “We will analyze to what extent such a significant increase in costs is necessary,” said the councilor.

He added that the future operator could also pay for the investment in the gastronomic facilities for the restaurant based on the terms of the lease. According to him, it is also up for discussion whether it is necessary to build a cafe on the second floor of the building in addition to the restaurant. The councilor would like to make a decision on the next course of action within a month, in the case of further investments it would be necessary to add costs to the budget.

The first part of the reconstruction of the listed building concerned the historic building itself, including the restoration of the facades and the restoration of the original stucco, paintings or grotto with a stone fountain. According to earlier information, the capital city paid 160.9 million crowns including VAT for these works, which was about 38 million more than the originally agreed price.

A separate chapter is the neighboring Kaštanka, where the city had the original tree felled due to its poor condition. chestnut trees and plans to replace them with new trees. According to the gazette of public contracts, the municipality has now tendered the company CETUS PLUS, which for about 7.5 million crowns will ensure the construction of a new retaining wall and the construction of engineering networks for the connection of the future toilet at the restaurant building. in the 17th century as a baroque summer house. The restaurant has been here since the 19th century. The building is named after Antonín Šlecht, under whom it operated until the Second World War. It was subsequently nationalized and canceled in the 1960s due to a state of emergency. The building burned down in 1978 and 1980 and was damaged by floods in 2002.