Pregnant daughter Olga Sumy has shared a tender photo

The girl admitted that she always want to sleep

Беременная дочь Ольги Сумской поделилась нежным фото

The oldest daughter Ukrainian actress Olga Sumskaya Antonina papernaya now pregnant with a second child, so she strictly complies with the quarantine and trying to do nowhere to go not to risk. Moreover, for some time it was a company beloved mother. Now, however, the 29-year-old actress talks only with her husband and 2 year old daughter. She enjoys sharing in the network touching “pregnant” photo.

So, Tonya has published a tender frame of the photo shoot “in position” and told how her weekdays are quarantined. With humor, she admitted that it got very much sleep.

In the picture papernaya is embodied in a fitted white dress, stressing her impressive tummy. On top of the shoulders, she threw a cardigan the same color. Star raised one hand to her face and closed her eyes.

“My typical state on the quarantine . Sleep sleep and more time to sleep,” commented the artist.

Fans urged Tonya to take care of yourself and sleep while you can, and once again noted that she was very becoming pregnancy.

  • Beauty! Nothing, not much time left to sleep
  • What a wonderful
  • As you are pregnancy
  • beauty is necessary to take care, sleep)
  • Very beautiful
  • It is familiar! And the most safe state
  • You beauty
  • Well sooo beautiful!
  • It is possible to do beautiful photos during pregnancy, do not understand or accept those who poses half-naked in lingerie or any vulgar poses being in such a great position!
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