Pregnant women who use cosmetics that increase the risk of obesity in their children

Беременные женщины, пользующиеся косметикой, увеличивают риск ожирения у своих детей

Experts say that pregnant women need to be careful in choosing cosmetics. The fact that some of the ingredients can seriously harm the health of the unborn child.

The scientists found in the urine of pregnant high concentration of parabens. Experts attribute their increased risk of obesity in future children, writes

Parabens – what is it?

Are substances that are added to cosmetic products to increase its shelf life. Preliminary studies demonstrate that parabens affect the activity of female sex hormones – estrogens.

The researchers reviewed data 629 pairs of women and their children. At 34 weeks of pregnancy the women talked about the skin care you use. The specialists got acquainted with the composition of these cosmetics to identify if there is parabens and after that asked pregnant women to provide a urine sample.

Беременные женщины, пользующиеся косметикой, увеличивают риск ожирения у своих детей

The harm of parabens during pregnancy / First Cry

Those women who daily used products with parabens in urine revealed a high level of connections butylparaben. Interestingly, the children of these mothers are twice as likely to identify obesity to 8 years. In addition, girls were more pliable to the negative effects than guys.

To better understand the effect of parabens on pregnant women, researchers conducted experiments on mice. The amount of parabens in cosmetics, and as in pregnant women, affected the concentration of butylparaben. And just as in humans, mice from the experimental group were also better, especially the female.

Watching newborn mice, scientists found that mice from the experimental group ate more than their peers from the control group. Scientists suggest that this is due to activity changes in the gene POMC, which are found in mice from the experimental group.

Gen ROMs – the gene responsible for the regulation of appetite.

However, scientists say that could not find a single culprit of obesity. Overweight can occur because of many factors related to the lifestyle of both mother and her offspring. In addition, parabens may be contained in many food and medicinal products.

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