President-elect Petr Pavel visited the archbishop's palace

President-elect Petr Pavel visited the archbishop's palace

President-elect Petr Pavel navštívil archibiskupskácác< /p> Illustration photo – President-elect Petr Pavel.

Prague – President-elect Petr Pavel visited the Archbishop's Palace today, he will probably meet with Prague Archbishop Jan Graubner. The meeting precedes the inauguration of the new president on Thursday. Her dress rehearsal is scheduled for this afternoon. Jiří Prinz, a spokesman for the Prague archdiocese, confirmed Pavlov's visit to ČTK, but did not provide further details.

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President-elect Petr Pavel navští vil archbishop's palace

Elected president Petr Pavel nav&scaron ;tívil archbishopácác

President-elect Petr Pavel visited the Archbishop's Palace

Elected president Petr Pavel navštívil archibiskupskácác< /p>

The president-elect will probably meet with the Prague archbishop before Thursday's inauguration. Her program also includes a visit to the Cathedral of St. Vita, where, in addition to the concert, an ecumenical prayer will take place in the chapel of St. Wenceslas. The new Czech president will be blessed by representatives of the Catholic and Evangelical churches as well as the chief regional rabbi.

Preparations for Thursday's ceremony have already begun at Prague Castle and Hradčanské náměstí. Members of the Castle Guard and honorary military units with battle banners or the Czech flag rehearsed on the spot in rainy weather. On Thursday, they will form a cordon that Pavel will pass through upon arrival at Prague Castle and after the inauguration, when he goes to lay a flower at the statue of the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigu Masaryk.

During today, technicians should also prepare the Castle and the adjacent square large screens on which it will be possible to watch the inauguration. Television crews are also preparing their equipment on site.

Due to the inauguration, some parts of Prague Castle have already been closed. For example, visitors can no longer enter the Cathedral of St. Hello, the Old Royal Palace has been closed since Monday.