President Pavel called on motorcyclists to wear helmets

President Pavel called on motorcyclists to wear helmets

President Pavel urged motorcyclists to wear helmets

Illustration photo – The Bavarian-Czech friendship weeks are starting. Czech President Petr Pavel arrived on a motorcycle, May 19, 2023 Selb.

Kladruby (Benešovskogo) – Today, at an event in support of injured motorcyclists in Kladruby in Benešovskogo, President Petr Pavel called on motorcyclists to use helmets even when riding short distances. He repeated that he himself is ready to donate money for the recent ride on a motorcycle without a helmet to help motorcyclists who ended up in a wheelchair due to someone else's fault. He did not want to specify the amount he donated to today's charity event Keep Respect.

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The head of state riding a motorcycle without a helmet was filmed by a viewer in the village of Rtyně in Podkrkonoší. The recording was published by CNN Prima News. The president subsequently apologized for the offense on the social network. He stated that he only rode the motorcycle to fill up the tires at a nearby gas station. “I didn't realize at all that I should wear a helmet even for the part that I am no longer in my childhood years,” Pavel said today at the Keep Respect meeting.

Shortly after the video was published, the president announced that at the event on assistance to injured motorcyclists will pay on a voluntary entry amount higher than the upper limit of the fine in administrative proceedings awarded for this offense. Pavel did not want to say how much money he donated today. He only told journalists that although he has immunity as head of state, he still wants to give money to something in which he sees another purpose. He said about the event that he had already participated in it in previous years, and he intends to take part in today's “sleepy ride”.

Pavel urged the participants of the Keep Respect event today to use helmets on the road, even if they are not going far. “When you go somewhere on a motorcycle, even a short distance, wear a helmet,” the president told the event participants.

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