President Zeman will set up an office, his wife will be his assistant

President Zeman will set up an office, his wife will be his assistant

President Zeman will set up an office, his wife will be his assistant

Illustrative photo – President Miloš Zeman and his wife Ivana arrive at the TOP Hotel Prague, where they will watch the counting of votes in the second round of the presidential election on January 27.

Prague – President Miloš Zeman was in his office at Prague Castle for the last time today. He will stay in last year's office on Monday in connection with the reception of Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS). After moving all his belongings, he will then move to a new house in Lány, where he will remain until the inauguration of his successor, Peter Pavle. His chancellor Vratislav Mynář told ČTK today. After leaving office, Zeman will set up an office, his wife Ivana will be his assistant. With a high probability, the same nurses will continue to care for him, but the range of services will be more limited.

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According to Mynár, Zeman's last days were hectic at work. He recalled Thursday's meeting with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and today's reception of Hungarian President Katalina Nováková. On Monday, the president still plans to have his last regular meeting with Fiala.

Zeman was in the castle office for the last time today, some things have already been moved from Prague Castle. On Monday, he will be in office for the last time in last year's office. In the following days, he will move to a new house that he had built in Lány. He will remain in it until March 9, when the new president Pavel takes his oath. Zeman's term of office will expire at midnight from March 8 to 9.

Zeman will leave his house for the inauguration. Even before it starts, together with his wife Ivana, he has lunch with Pavel and his wife Eva. “Part of the lunch will be a pleasant surprise for Mr. President Pavel,” said Mynář.

He confirmed that after a discussion with Zeman in a close team, they agreed that the outgoing president would set up an office. “Because the demand for Mr. President is already so great that he will certainly need an office. That is, it would not be appropriate for such a large number of people to regularly come to his family home,” he noted. Therefore, he wants to sign a lease in the near future. According to him, there are two to three variants where it could be based. His wife Ivana will be his assistant.

After leaving office, the President of the Republic receives a lifetime pension of 50,000 crowns per month and a flat-rate compensation of the same amount, which is mainly intended for office rent and the remuneration of an assistant.

< p>Since his hospitalization in autumn 2021, Zeman has been cared for by nurses from the company Senior Home Group. The service is partly paid for by health insurance and partly by money from the castle office. The Seznam Zprávy server reported last summer that at that time the Castle paid 160,000 to 170,000 crowns a month for care, and according to the server, the General Health Insurance Company (VZP), whose client Zeman is, also paid approximately the same amount.

O According to Mynár, the method of further care for the president is being discussed. “Mr. President will enjoy the benefits of health and nursing services, but in a more limited amount than at the chateau in Lány,” he pointed out. they have to try out the new mode first and see what it will entail. “There is, of course, a difference when you are in the sled as the president of the republic, or when you are in quotation marks a pensioner who is resting at home,” he noted. According to him, Zeman and Zemanová have therefore set a one-month period during which they will test what care requirements they will have. Mynář added that it is very likely that Zeman will be cared for by the same nurses. “Because Mr. President was extremely satisfied with this service,” he said.