Prior to the “cancelled” Baabda visit, negative indicators clouded the Lebanese scene

Prior to the “cancelled” Baabda visit, negative indicators clouded the Lebanese scene

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Prior to the “cancelled” Baabda visit, negative indicators clouded the Lebanese scene

And Michel Aoun had tweeted, on Twitter, on Tuesday morning: “Whoever wants to criticize the President of the Republic about his authority to form a government, let him read carefully the fourth paragraph of Article 53 of the Constitution.”

Special sources confirmed to “Sky News Arabia” that “negative indications preceded the scheduled visit of the President-designate to Baabda, including Aoun’s morning tweet.”

She added: “These negative indicators are not the first of their kind in the journey to form a government, because the same mentality still controls Baabda’s position on forming a government.”

Meanwhile, sources in the “Future Movement” indicated that Saad Hariri’s visit to Egypt is still on schedule, on Wednesday.

Lebanon is living in crucial hours, with anticipation prevailing over the possibility of facilitating the task of the Prime Minister-designate to form a rescue government.

Available data indicate that Hariri “is going to apologize for forming the government, as it was expected that Aoun would reject his new formation, knowing that what happened on Tuesday morning cut the way for the visit.”

This is not the first list in which Hariri presents the names of candidates for ministerial portfolios, which are rejected.

In the midst of this bleak scene, and awaiting the next 48 hours that may change the course of things, Lebanon is living hours of anxiety over the fate of their country, which is getting more and more tense.

Facilitation is required.

Lebanese writer and political analyst, Beshara Khairallah, told Sky News Arabia that “Aoun should expedite the task of forming a government before Hariri, if he wants to preserve the position of the presidency.”

He added, “The president should facilitate Hariri’s mission to save the rest of his reign, first of all. If Hariri apologizes, Aoun will be the biggest loser, along with his son-in-law, Gibran Bassil, and the loss will fall on Lebanon as a whole.”

Khairallah expected that “Aoun will facilitate the task of the birth of the government in the coming hours, relying on the principle (give me a balanced government and I will hold you to account later), and this will keep it big in front of public opinion on the one hand, and on the other hand encourage the designated president to make additional efforts.”

Khairallah believed that a group of “inexperienced people run the Republican Palace, in addition to personal ambitions and ambitions.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “The president must work day and night so that Hariri does not apologize. If this happens, the dollar price is expected to rise resoundingly, and he must reckon with Western and Arab public opinion and the World Bank. The whole world is waiting for what will happen in the critical few hours.” .

“Playing in Lost Time”

For his part, the writer and political analyst, Mounir Al-Rabie, said that “all this movement will not lead to the desired result, because Aoun does not want Hariri as a partner in power, at a time when the latter is afraid of forming a government without international guarantees.”

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Rabee expected that “the stalemate will continue until Hariri apologizes, who finds himself handcuffed and does not want to name anyone as an alternative to him to form the government. At the same time, Hariri does not want to disagree with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who insists to nominate a replacement for him in the event that he apologizes for the formation.”

He continued, “We are passing through lost time, waiting for the moment of the parliamentary elections, while the world opinion and the World Bank are in a state of waiting and anticipation.”

Al-Rabee also noted that “Hariri’s apology will negatively affect the economic situation, increasing the impact of the collapse, the dollar exchange rate, and the tourism movement, which was expected to inject some support to the economy from expatriate funds.”

It is worth noting that both Hariri and Basil fought a kind of “political war” over the past months, whose main title was “the dispute over seats and the unity of standards, in choosing portfolios, naming ministers, the blocking third, and the powers of the government and republic presidencies,” amid stifling economic crises that the citizen is experiencing in light of the rise Rapid dollar exchange rate.

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