Processed foods are not as scary as scaring them, nutritionist

For most processed products associated with artificial flavorings, preservatives and health problems. However, few people know that the treated product is any product that is not sold in raw or natural form.

Обработанные продукты не так страшны, как ими пугают, диетолог

However, it is important to note the difference between highly and minimally processed food. The latter can be safely included in the diet. This cut fruits and vegetables, skim milk, cereal, enriched with vitamins and yogurt.

Such ingredients are harmless, they can be used even for children’s meals. But highly processed foods like chips, crackers, and soda, increase the likelihood of overeating.

Nutritionist Kara Herbstritt noted that processed foods wrongly added to “black lists”. She emphasizes that foods can’t be good or bad, from a moral point of view. It can be less or more balanced composition.

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