Promised sparks |

Promised sparks |

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Promised sparks |

To the Belgian Grand Prix Max Verstappen will face the first of three consecutive European rounds to re-establish the hierarchies he had imposed at the end of the year, before obtaining a disastrous haul of points in the last two and a half races (Silverstone Sprint, British GP and Hungarian GP). Lewis Hamilton, now leaders, will instead be intent on defending his new leadership. At Spa there is an air of great challenge, with the hope that the two duelists will not come into contact again. The sparks are already visible, and now we really need a healthy sporting battle to enjoy the end of the championship more.

From Belgium to the return of Holland to Monza, it is a non-stop recovery: three straight weeks, the problem is that it is not known how long the World Championship will last with the GPs jumping for Covid and the alternative tracks (Qatar?) Not yet formalized . The uncertainty makes the duel at the top even more peppery: Lewis Hamilton with his career success number 100 could take off towards the eighth title. With the technical efforts of Mercedes, with luck, malice and maturity he overturned the comparison. But don’t tell Verstappen, forced to rebuild a superiority that seemed certain up to turn 9 at Silverstone. That of the bang that changed the championship. It would be bad if the relegations on the grid were to decide the outcome of the challenge when Red Bull will be forced to mount the number 4 engines on the cars of the Dutchman and team-mate Sergio Perez. Two drive units were lost in the Silverstone and Budapest crashes. They won’t have to pay the bill now, but by the end of the season. The rules were introduced to reduce costs, but the limit of 3 power units per season is proving anachronistic in a changing calendar due to the pandemic.“, We read in the Corriere della Sera.

The latest daring events have returned the lead in the general classification to the reigning champion, but the Dutchman does not seem absolutely willing to give up. Complicating things at Red Bull are the consequences of the accidents that damaged Verstappen and his teammate Perez in the last two stages of the season. The Austrian team, in fact, will be forced to replace the engine on both cars. The automatic penalty has not yet been triggered, but for Verstappen and Perez we are at the third engine used during the championship. If they had to resort to a fourth model, they would fatally run into relegation on the starting grid“, Also reiterates Leo Turrini on the Resto del Carlino.

In Spa, the new rule against the automation of pit stops with a ban on dropping under 2 seconds will probably be a big annoyance for Red Bull, which is definitely the best in the pits. After some clarifications requested by Mercedes regarding the software related to the procedures, on June 24 the FIA ​​had decided to issue a new directive that would affect the modalities with which the mechanics replace the tires. The FIA, worried by the excessive automatisms between the gun and the green light, the one that gives the signal to the driver to restart, had thus decided to intervene for safety reasons. And how? With a minimum waiting time between the screwing of the last wheel and the release of the car. The change of procedure was announced in Austria. It should have come into effect in Hungary“, Reads the Corriere dello Sport. This also adds spiciness to the duel between Mercedes and Red Bull.

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