Protesters in Mexico, blocked the border crossing point, in order not to let people in the US due to coronavirus

Protesters in Mexico, blocked the border crossing point, in order not to let people in the US because of the coronavirus Author: Alina Dykman Photo: Twitter the boundary Coronavirus Mexico US news Протестующие в Мексике заблокировали пограничный переход, чтобы не пускать жителей США из-за коронавируса

Wednesday, March 25, a small group of protesters in Mexico have blocked stripes on the border crossing between the cities-the namesakes of the two Nogales (Arizona and Mexico). The demonstrators urge the Mexican government to introduce more stringent checks COVID-19 for people arriving from the United States. The protesters were in masks and with placards urging U.S. residents to “stay home”.

Protesters block border crossing with their cars, refusing to let the drivers.

Although the demonstrators wanted the Americans “stayed home”, their main message was addressed to the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The protesters said that the Mexican government is not doing enough to check those lets into the country.

Jose Luis Hernandez, a protester with Sonorenses por la Salud y la Vida (Sonorans for Health and Life), the group which organized the rally, said the demonstration was “a first warning” for Lopez Obrador. This week, the Mexican leader called on the citizens in the video that they “continued a normal life”.

“Don’t sit at home, he said. – If you can afford it, keep up the good work. It strengthens the economy.”

Hernandez stated to USA Today that the citizens are concerned that the government does not conduct sufficient number of inspections to combat the pandemic.

“That’s why we’re here. We have taken it to convey a message to the President of Mexico to act now,” said the man.

The protesters urged the officials of health of Mexico to strengthen checks of all persons crossing the border for symptoms COVID-19.

While Mexico reported 475 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the first appearance of infection at the end of February. However, many are concerned that the real figures may be much higher, given that the government had not conducted large-scale tests.

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