Puebla Congress ignored us: Voice of the Disappeared

Puebla Congress ignored us: Voice of the Disappeared

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Puebla Congress ignored us: Voice of the Disappeared

Braziers, tents, bedspreads, tarpaulins, chairs and tables are the ideal elements for a picnic, but they are also the tools that support the camp that the collective ‘Voice of the Disappeared ‘, rode just 50 meters from the capital’s Zócalo to demand that the local Congress approve the Law on the Disappeared of the State of Puebla.

The heat, cold or rain have not prevented fathers, mothers, brothers, wives, husbands and even children of those who have not returned home without explanation. give up your fight, that a law is approved and, with it, facilitate the search of their relatives.

MILLENNIUM spoke this Saturday with Maria Luisa Nunez, founder of ‘Voice of the Disappeared’, who is on duty at the sit-in with other people waiting for their requests to be heard: That the local deputies meet in an extraordinary period to discuss, vote and pass the law.

“They force us to be here, we are not asking for anything other than fairness and that it is a right that we have and that our missing relatives have, it is unpleasant, it is stormy to be here, it is very stormy.”

Núnez denounced that neither the president of the local Congress, Nora Merino Escamilla, nor the president of the Board of Directors, María del Carmen Cabrera, have approached them to express their solidarity and a solution to the problem.

“It is frustrating to see that legislators who call themselves human rights defenders have trampled on the rights of each of our disappeared but also of our families, it is unfair to force us to remain in this way to demand that they comply with what we it is their responsibility, with what is their obligation and for which they charge dearly “.

The activist acknowledged that only one deputy, whose name she did not provide, approached with ‘Voice of the Disappeared’ toto support them with food to help them cope with their stay on the street.

“You do not sleep, here you practically do not sleep, we are surviving thanks to the help of people who with their hearts bring us food, water, fruit, whatever is in their hands.”

Maru looking for her daughter

Among the families that set up the sit-in is Maru’s, who look for his missing daughter, which left her little girl.

Mrs. Maru demanded that the deputies meet in an extraordinary period so that the Law of the Disappeared is a reality in Puebla, since when the legislators asked for the vote, the citizens responded to them to get to office.

“It is not worth it and it is very sad because we help them to be where they are. What do they expect or what do they need so that they can now help us? We are not going to benefit anything else, but the whole state, if others States have it because we don’t, what hurts them, what do they lack, what do they need, what is going to clean their house, I’m going to clean it for them, but please help us now “.