Putin is still in the bunker and considers his delusions to be reality, writes the Polish newspaper

Putin is still in the bunker and considers his delusions to be reality, writes the Polish newspaper

Putin is still in the bunker and is delusional about reality, píše polský list

Illustration photo – On February 21, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on the state of the country to lawmakers.

Moscow/Warsaw – The speech of the Russian president, in which he identified the United States and its allies as the main adversary, shows that Vladimir Putin is still locked in a bunker and considers his fantasies to be reality. But it is impossible to negotiate with a madman, the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza wrote today in a comment on today's speech on the state of the country, which the Russian leader gave to members of parliament and other members of the ruling elite.

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“The world, which was afraid of what Putin would say the day after the historic visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev, can breathe a sigh of relief. The Kremlin warlord said practically nothing new that we haven't heard for at least several years and especially the last year. Above all, he did not decide to the declaration of total war, to completely rebuild the state into a war zone and to a large mobilization of soldiers,” said the commentator.

Looking at Putin's speech from the Warsaw newsroom, it seemed that “a man who is completely detached from reality is trying to scold his subordinates because, although they applaud loudly, they do not believe so much in the goals he announced in the attack on Ukraine. He threatened, that there are those who prefer to live and pay taxes abroad than at home. He argued that everyone – even low-income pensioners – must equally strongly support Russia's military efforts. He threatened to deal swiftly and decisively with traitors”.

Putin simply continues to sit in the bunker he locked himself in at the beginning of the pandemic and considers his delusions to be reality. It is impossible to deal with someone like that, because it would be a deal with a madman in whose head the real world does not exist. Would he consider it a problem to consider any piece of paper with his signature as non-existent and invent a new “special operation” against the West, so hostile to Russia? After all, in Putin's thinking, war is peace, wrote Gazeta Wyborcza.

“We are dealing with something similar to a horror movie, but so unsuccessful and poorly prepared that it cannot attract viewers,” concluded the Defense server about Putin's performance 24, according to which each subsequent speech by Putin has a weaker and weaker effect on the audience. “Putin becomes a beggar outside his country who has to fight for supplies from Iran or North Korea. And he has become a younger, i.e. weaker, partner vis-a-vis China, which still has not been swayed to military aid to the Russian army, which is struggling with material shortages and logistical problems, ” he noted.

Vladimir Putin presented Russia as a besieged fortress that is ready for a long war, notes the French newspaper Le Monde. He identified the Russian president's words about the suspension of the New START agreement regarding strategic nuclear weapons as the only unexpected moment of the performance.