QS takes “nothing for granted” in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

QS takes “nothing for granted” in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

 QS takes

Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir Once again a local candidate for Québec solidaire after his defeat in the last general election, the lawyer in immigration Guillaume Cliche-Rivard says he feels “a good momentum” on the ground.

“We have been aware from the start that it is far from a foregone conclusion: nothing is certain, nothing is won,” said Québec solidaire (QS) co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau. -Dubois, during his party's campaign report, in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne.

Held in the offices of candidate Guillaume Cliche-Rivard, the press conference brought together the majority of Montreal MPs from QS, as well as several dozen volunteers. They were preparing to carry out a door-to-door operation all afternoon in the constituency.

“We know that we are campaigning in a liberal castle, there is a hill to go up,” continued Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. “A solidarity victory would allow the people of the neighborhood to finally turn the page on 35 years of Liberal MPs,” he argued.

According to the most recent projections from the Qc125 electoral projection site, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) and QS are tied, each collecting 33% of the voting intentions. The PLQ is represented by Christophe Baenninger, defeated candidate in Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques in the last elections.

The Coalition avenir Québec, the Parti Québécois and the Conservative Party of Québec are far behind, at 16%, 10% and 4% respectively. Their candidates are Victor Pelletier, Andréanne Fiola and Lucien Koty.

Again a local candidate for QS after his defeat in the last general election, immigration lawyer Guillaume Cliche-Rivard says he feels “a good momentum” in the field.

He says the main topic he hears about in the field is housing. “The housing crisis is hitting Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne so hard. It is absolutely necessary to put in place clear, strong and rapid measures to allow people to get by with housing. »

QS takes «nothing for granted» in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne

Photo: Violette Cantin Le Devoir Québec solidaire reported on the campaign in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne on Saturday.

The PLQ mobilized

For the two parties that lead in the projections, the stakes are high: a victory for QS would allow it to elect a twelfth deputy, and thus reaching the necessary threshold to be recognized de facto as a parliamentary group. For the PLQ, a victory would prove the vitality of the party in a riding known as one of its strongholds since 1992.

For former Liberal minister Christine St-Pierre, the pressure remains in the court of the PLQ. “The party has always had this constituency, whereas if QS loses they could always say 'we never won this constituency, we did everything we could.' »

She still believes in a “close victory” for the Liberal Party in the election, which will take place next Monday. “I think the QLP has a very good chance of winning; they worked very hard and showed a lot of energy in the field,” she noted in an interview with Le Devoir.

Ms. St-Pierre does not believe in scenario of a Liberal defeat, but still believes it “wouldn't be the end of the world” if it did.

This is the final sprint for the parties, mobilizing actively for the last days of the campaign. The Liberal candidate, Christophe Baenninger, went door to door on Saturday during the day. On Sunday morning, his party held a press conference to take stock of the campaign. A rally in a neighborhood restaurant is scheduled for Monday evening.

The CAQ candidate, Victor Pelletier, also went door-to-door on Sunday and Monday as well as a tour of the cafes in the area.

Parti Québécois candidate Andréanne Fiola went door-to-door on Sunday “all or most of the day” and will do so on Monday afternoon, confirmed the party's communications director, François Leroux . Saturday during the day, she was at the training conference in Sherbrooke.