Queens of the show: Lady Guillen broke down after being introduced as a new contestant

Queens of the show: Lady Guillen broke down after being introduced as a new contestant

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Queens of the show: Lady Guillen broke down after being introduced as a new contestant

The second season of Queens of the show had its brand new premiere this Saturday and surprised locals and strangers with the new participants. Vania Bludau, Diana Sánchez and Melissa Paredes They were among the contestants who attracted the most attention, but another name also caught the spotlight of the followers of the television space.

After several months away from television, Lady guillen was announced as one of the members of this renewed program. However, the driver broke down as soon as she stepped on the stage after the emotional words that Gisela Valcárcel He dedicated it before presenting it to his audience.

The law student received a hug from the presenter and then applause from the judges and other guests. Later, Guillén appreciated the opportunity to return to a dance floor and indicated that he will give his best during the season.

“First I want to thank all of Peru for always having placed their trust in me. This is an extremely important moment in my life, Gisela, and it was better to have done it on this stage, where I have to face the lights, the changing rooms and take off a backpack that I had a long time in my life. A fear, a fear that today I leave in the past. (I leave behind) the memories, the sadness, the bitterness of a time in my life, which had to end well, “he said.

Then he added: “My exit from the dance was abrupt. I couldn’t say goodbye to my people, to my cumbia, to my sequins, because I couldn’t do it, and I think I deserve to have a beautiful farewell today, and even more so now in a setting like this. It was not easy to accept, but I knew that here they were going to take care of me and they were going to respect me. That is why I decided today to dance after 12 years and wear the stockings that I had before ”.

Vania Bludau praised Isabel Acevedo in Reinas del show

Mario Irivarren’s girlfriend faced Isabel Acevedo to the rhythm of the bachata. Likewise, Vania highlighted Acevedo’s performance and how well he performs on the dance floor.

“No (I knew her). We have friends in common because she has worked in a reality show (Combate) where I know all the boys. They have spoken to me super well about her, (they have told me) that she is super cool and that is what you see … She dances beautifully… ”, he said.

Vania Bludau and Isabel Acevedo

Adolfo Aguilar and Tilsa Lozano will be the new judges of Reinas del show

Gisela Valcárcel welcomed the two new jurors Adolfo Aguilar and Tilsa Lozano. As they passed, they modeled on the dance set and were very happy to participate.

“Come back dressed in white, impeccable and come back next to another impeccable too … I am happy to welcome two that I love”Said the driver.

Show queens

Melissa Paredes explains why she broke down in Queens of the show

The host of America today was one of the new contestants in Queens of the show and surprised with their presentation. However, after dancing to the rhythm of samba, he suffered a decompensation on set.

“I was horribly scared. I finished the dignified dance, but the moment Anthony put me down I felt that I was going backwards. I have not come here for five years, apart from that I am already a mother. (I was) affected by being out of training, because I haven’t been able to exercise for three and a half months. (…) Everything came together; plus the dance nerves played a trick ”, he explained to the press.