Radio-Canada finalist for the Michener Prize for the Horne Foundry saga

Radio-Canada finalist for the Michener Award for the Horne Foundry saga

The ceremony will take place at Rideau Hall on June 16 and will be presided over by the Governor General of Canada. (File photo)

Radio-Canada is among the six finalists for the 2022 Michener Award, which celebrates journalism focused on the public interest, for its revelations about the Horne Foundry in Rouyn-Noranda. This is Canada's most important journalistic distinction.

This series of news prompted Quebec to call public hearings, lower arsenic emission thresholds and force the multinational to decontaminate the surrounding land, mention the judges of the Michener Prize Foundation in a press release published on Wednesday.

The revelations of Radio-Canada concerning the higher rate of lung cancer in Rouyn-Noranda than elsewhere in Quebec, or the steps taken by public health authorities to conceal this information, are particularly underlined.

The months-long investigative process also revealed that waste from around the world was being burned at the Foundry and that the contamination extended far beyond the city limits .

This is the first nomination for Radio-Canada since 2016, when its journalistic work on the Panama Papers caught the attention of the judges.

< p class="e-p">Other finalists for the 2022 Michener Award include CBC Saskatchewan, Eastern Graphic, Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail twice, including for its investigation into Hockey Canada's use of entry fees to settle complaints of sexual assault.

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