Rai appointments: the postponement requested by the M5S suits everyone, especially Mario Draghi

Rai appointments: the postponement requested by the M5S suits everyone, especially Mario Draghi

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Rai appointments: the postponement requested by the M5S suits everyone, especially Mario Draghi

For many, the postponement of the “game” to next week was no surprise. RaiIndeed, it seems that it has been agreed with many actors in the political world from the Government to the Parliament. There is still no agreement between the parliamentary groups onelection gods four members of the Board of Directors of Viale Mazzini from Room is Senate.

The vote, originally scheduled for today, has been postponed at the request of the 5 Star Movement and set for on July 14. The intention of Palazzo Chigi would be to close the game by next week, in conjunction with the shareholders’ meeting Rai of 12 July which will approve the financial statements with the appointment of the CEO and the chairman (in order to anticipate the ‘perfect storm’ that could hit the government majority the 13 on the occasion of the vote on ddl Zan).

“Intention”, however, because at the moment, no matter what tissue papers are being turned to art, there is no certainty that there will be no further postponements. Yes, because this postponement as well as the grillini is also very convenient for Mario Draghi that in spite of what is not leaked in the magazines a real name for the presidency and one for the position of CEO at the moment yet it doesn’t.

In short words there is no agreement with the government majority on the name of the future president and even less has it been decided who to choose as the new CEO of Viale Mazzini. In short, the postponement wanted by the Grillini is in fact masking the impasse of Super Mario than on Rai he has before him a path full of obstacles.

About the 5 stars however, how much TPI is able to reveal, the real problem lies in the divisions regarding the choice of the candidate. Yes, because the regent Vito Crimi he would Luigi Di Majo (almost namesake of the Foreign Minister) while parliamentary groups would prefer one of the other two names on the track, Paolo Favale or Antonio Palma.

This is the real reason why i 5 stars they asked for postponement: not because they have no candidates but because, divided internally, they have not been able to agree on the choice. But the postponement will also be useful to check if there are the conditions to bring Beatrice Coletti to the presidency by relinquishing a post in Board of Directors (and they are already talking about this with Dragons). “If we lose the CEO at least give us the presidency”, is the request from the grill.

Also al center right all in all, the postponement is very convenient: they have not yet decided whether they will confirm Giampaolo Rossi at high altitude Brothers of Italy – even if it seems extremely difficult to deny a seat on the Board of Directors to the party of Giorgia Meloni – or if Come on Italy will manage to get a seat (at least) on the board of directors for Simona Agnes. So, the grillini asked for the postponement but in reality it is convenient for everyone.

Speaking of armchairs: at home League we would like to change the direction of the Tg1. Too bad, however, that the pentastellati have already eaten the leaf and are ready to make a wall. “If anyone thinks of replacing prematurely Giuseppe Carboni then know that all other directions must also be changed ”, they explain to TPI, with all due respect to those who would like to decide only on the natural expiration of the contracts of the current directors, or between October and November.

The problem, however, according to highly authoritative sources, is that the Tg1 is perceived not so much as a grillino but as “count“And for this reason it may not be too well seen by the parties of Palazzo Chigi. Finally, the much vaunted “gender equality“Or a man as chairman and a woman as CEO or vice versa. Very informed voices coming from the palaces of power explain that for women there could be more space in the directorates of the Network or in the news rather than in one of the two top positions.