Rain and wind reduced interest in skiing, but there is enough snow on the slopes

Rain and wind reduced interest in skiing, but there is enough snow on the slopes

Interested in skiing, dreamed of déš and lived tr, but there is enough snow on the slopes

Ski area at Černá hora in Janské Lázně in the Giant Mountains, February 16, 2023.

Prague – Weekend attendance ski areas in the Czech Republic were affected by rain and wind, according to the operators, fewer people came than usual. The snow in the cross-country tracks has decreased significantly and in some places it has melted completely, but there is enough snow on the slopes thanks to technical snowmaking. ČTK found it out.

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Interest in skiing, dreamed of snow and wind, snow but there are enough on the slopes

Interested in skiing

Interested in skiing, dreamed of déš and vitr, snow but there are enough on the slopes

Interested in skiing

In the Krkonoše and Orlické mountains, most of the downhill tracks are working and the snow reserves are sufficient, so the operation should not change even in the next week. For example, in the Krkonoše Ski Resort Černá hora – Pec, approximately 45 kilometers of slopes are open in several resorts, with 30 to 80 centimeters of snow lying on the slopes. About 7,000 visitors came over the weekend, which is enough considering the bad weather, SkiResort executive director Jakub Janda told ČTK. “Under normal conditions, it would be rather average,” he added.

There were 800 people in Rokytnica nad Jizerou in the Krkonoše Mountains on Friday, 700 on Saturday. “Until Friday, the daily attendance was around 2,500 people, since Friday it has been raining. We had to close the red and black slopes, skiing there was dangerous,” said the director of the ski resort Vít Pražák.< /p>

The Říčky resort in Orlické hory offers over four kilometers of slopes. “The attendance was good until Thursday, the weather started to turn on Friday and it rained over the weekend. There is enough snow, even though the layer has dropped a bit,” said center manager Petr Kánský. However, he does not expect traffic restrictions. There was almost zero attendance on Saturday at the Severák, Tanvaldský Špičák and Bedřichov sites in the Jizerské hory.

In the Ore Mountains, skiing continues in Klínovec, Plešivec, Bublava and Potůčky. In Klínovec, some slopes have already been closed due to rain and high temperatures, but there is still more than a meter of snow on the slopes. Due to snow, the Boží Dar ski resort has suspended operations. There were about 500 people in Klín na Mostecko on Saturday. “It didn't rain, people came, some visitors also arrived this afternoon,” said center manager Josef Dlouhý. According to him, the resort has enough technical snow.

Rainy weather and strong wind also reduced attendance in Šumava. In Železná Ruda, skiing continues at Špičák, in the Nad Nádražím – Belveder area, at Samotá, lifts also run at Alpalouca, Weissová louka, Goldhof and Debrník, the cable car goes to Pancíř, informs the local information center. Skiing is also available on the slopes in Nýrsk or in the Kašperské Hory.

“Of course, the weather affected the weekend attendance and a little less people came than we are used to. On the other hand, we still have four weeks of spring vacation ahead of us,” Boris Keka, spokesman for the Ski Arena Karlov in Jeseníky, told ČTK. Therefore, they do not plan to limit their services. Miroslav Maczko, the operator of the Kohútka ski resort near Nové Hrozenkov in the Vsetín region, rates weekend visitors as weak. Central Bohemian winter areas also had a below-average number of skiers at the weekend.

According to the head of the SkiResort, the Černá hora – Pec cross-country trails on the Krkonoše ridges are in good condition, and those interested could continue to hit the trail in the Jizerské hory or in the higher parts of the Jeseníky mountains. . In Šumava, the cross-country trails are already impassable in many places, due to the high temperatures, the snow has also melted in the tracks in the Ore Mountains. “What the sharp rays of the sun failed to do during the past week, the rain and warm wind managed in one day. The condition of the ski routes is therefore bad as a result of the bad weather,” said the company První Krušnohorská, which takes care of the maintenance of 250 kilometers of ski highway tracks.