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Rain lottery wanted | FormulaPassion.it

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Rain lottery wanted |  FormulaPassion.it

There Ferrari at Spa it has not seemed more incisive than usual for now, and the accident of Charles Leclerc it certainly did not help the Red to find the positive feeling with the complicated Belgian circuit. However, it is not the Monegasque’s mistake that negatively weighs on Friday’s budget in the Ardennes. This is precisely the lack of a basic ‘flicker’, which would be important to have if the two teams at the top of the rankings still had close encounters. Alpine’s victory in Hungary has once again taught us that in Formula 1, even with dominant teams on the track, it can offer unexpected opportunities.

Charles Leclerc went to the wall, but with two extenuating circumstances: he was simulating qualifying, and therefore was led to force, and he damaged a front suspension, less expensive than the rear one. The redhead’s problems are performance, see Sainz’s 11th time: the budget cap cannot be reduced by errors on the track“, Writes Stefano Mancini in the Press. If the performance is not there, then the prospect is to rack up points, without aiming too high.

The characteristics of the historic Ardennes circuit also took Carletto Leclerc by surprise, who even on this track, two years ago, won his first wonderful victory in Formula 1 at the wheel of the Red. The Ferrari driver went off the track alone, in the manner of Verstappen. In his case, damage to the front of the car. Between qualifying and the race, Ferrari will be looking for an honest placement in Belgium”Recognized Leo Turrini on the Resto del Carlino.

He also beat up Leclerc looking for his best time after burning the soft cover set due to yellow flags. He is at the bottom of the pack while Sainz finished 11th one second behind Verstappen. The track conditions do not allow sentences even if the drivers and technicians of Maranello have been talking about a critical race for days. It will be difficult to achieve an aerodynamic compromise, with the consolation of seeing McLaren struggling in similar troubles. Water is needed to distribute some lottery tickets and the prayers of those behind have some chance of being welcomed, given the weather“, Publishes the Corriere della Sera signed by Giorgio Terruzzi.

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