Rally d’Appennino accident, two spectators died

Rally d’Appennino accident, two spectators died

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Rally d’Appennino accident, two spectators died

Tragedy to the Rally of the Apennines, two young spectators were overwhelmed by the Peugeot 208 of the crew Gubertini-Ialungo. The accident mortal occurred during the 41st Rally dell’Appennino Reggiano (test of the International Rally Cup), in the fraction Matilde of Canossa in Riverzana (Reggio Emilia).

The car from rally he skidded during the first special stage on a straight section of the circuit, finishing his race and falling on a hill where the public had gathered.

Accident at the Rally d’Appennino, what happened

During the first special stage at the Rally d’Appennino Reggiano, the fatal accident occurred which cost the lives of two spectators.

The Peugeot 208 R2 n.42 went off the road during the 1st special stage of the Rally dell’Appennino

Second for first reconstructions around 10.00 on Saturday 28 August the Peugeot 208 R2 number 42 of the crew Gubertini-Ialungo left the road at Riverzana between the municipalities of San Polo d’Enza and Canossa (towards Borsea – Castello di Canossa).

The car went off the road on a straight stretch and took off on an embankment. The 208 then finished its deadly run on a mound near the roadway, hitting two spectators.

Deaths at the Rally dell’Appennino

The two dead at the Rally d’Appennino are two very young boys, a 21 year old from Reggio Emilia and a 33-year-old from Lama Mocogno in the province of Modena. Unscathed the crew aboard the 208.

Rally d’Appennino accident, two spectators died

The Peugeot 208R2 on its way out of the road overwhelmed the crowd crowded on a hill

After the fatal accident the rally was suspended and an investigation has been opened on the race which aims to shed light on what happened during the first special stage.


TWO SPECTATORS TRAVOLTI AT THE RALLY DELL’APPENNINO Accident at the rally in Reggiano, on the Apennines. Two young spectators died overwhelmed by one of the racing cars that ended up on a hill where the audience was Lucia Sgueglia from Tg3 at 2.20 pm on 28 August 2021

Published by Tg3 on Saturday 28 August 2021

Are rallies more dangerous than track racing?

Unfortunately the rally is a very risky motorsport discipline and does not forgive anyone in the event of an accident due to the reduced escape routes from the track. Are rallies more dangerous than track racing? In the racetracks there are wide escape routes, marshals, firefighting measures, ambulances and doctors at a very short distance.

In the event of an accident, the intervention can be done much more promptly than in a special stage of a rally. Among other things, checking and monitoring these tracks from a safety point of view is not easy. But it is also that in rallies various factors come into play on the vehicle and on the choice of tires.

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