Rammstein turned to a law firm due to frontman Lindemann's accusations

Rammstein turn to attorney's office due to frontman Lindemann's accusations< /p> Members of German rock band Rammstein Till Lindemann (right) and Christoph Schneider pictured at a music awards ceremony in Los Angeles on April 20, 2011.

Berlin – German metal band Rammstein due to frontman Till Lindemann's partially anonymous accusations of inappropriate behavior towards women, she turned to a law firm. The DPA agency informed about it today. The aim is to clarify the situation surrounding the 60-year-old singer. For example, it is a claim that the fans in question were given drugs without their knowledge.

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According to information from DPA, the internationally successful group turned to lawyers after the start of the current tour in Vilnius. Several women have accused Lindemann of inappropriate behavior in recent days. The chosen young women were allegedly asked during the concerts if they would like to go to a party after the concert. At the same time, some women claimed that sexual acts took place at these “aftershow parties”.

The Rammstein group said in its weekend statement that it was very affected by the allegations and takes them extremely seriously. “We say to our fans: It's important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at our shows – in front of the stage and behind it,” the six-piece said. She called on fans not to prejudge either the accusing women or the accused.

From Wednesday, the band Rammstein has four concerts in Munich. Some changes have already been announced. There will be no so-called zero series and there will be no parties after the concerts.